Thursday, September 3, 2015

Third Dog-Man Reported in Pennsyvania

Lon Strickler has received a third report of a "dog-man" sighting in Central Pennsyvania.
I received the following report on Monday...I contacted the witness by telephone shortly thereafter:
I am sending this to you in light of hearing about some other recent PA sightings so I wanted to share my experience.  Read more

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Even UFOs Are Following Trump

Despite his stance on illegal aliens, UFOs were spotted following Donald Trump.
Take me to your leader.

That's what you hear in classic sci-fi  movies when the little green men land. But those words are also apropos in this election season.  When the 2016 presidential race ends, what leader will those ETs be taken to? Read more

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gigantic Ancient Monolith Discovered off Sicily Is 10,000 Years Old AT LEAST

More of the hidden history of the human race has been revealed. Researchers have discovered a gigantic monolith off Sicily that is 10,000 years old - at least.
During a high-resolution mapping of the seafloor surrounding Sicily, researchers discovered an ancient treasure: a stone monolith spanning 39 feet (12 meters), resting on the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Stunned, the researchers sent down divers with cameras and video recorders to get a closer look at the monolith, which had broken into two parts. They dove 131 feet (40 m) underwater in an area called the Pantelleria Vecchia Bank, located about 37 miles (60 kilometers) south of Sicily. Read more

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Monsters in America

A map of America, created by artist Mark Adams, reveals the monsters feared the most in each state.
From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation's imagination.

Now one artist has decided to draw these cryptids by hand, revealing the beasts that are feared the most in each state.

'The map is a bit of a declaration of optimism and wonderment as to what might be possible on planet Earth,' artist Mark Adams told Read more

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Black Man at the Crossroads

Blues legend Robert Johnson was supposed to have made a deal with the devil to obtain his musical talent.  Hoodoo has a tradition of crossroads spirits, but what exactly are these entities?
Note: Makes sure to read the section titled "controversy" at the end of this blog post.

In Hoodoo lore, The Black Man At The Crossroads is a survival of an African Trickster Spirit. Similar entities can still be found in the living religions of Voodou, Santeria, Lukumi, Candomble, IFA, and the like. Since Hoodoo is not a religion, The Black Man is not worshipped, but he is to be highly respected. Because of his trickster nature, the Black Man is often called, 'The Devil', but such title is most definitely not one that is synonymous with the Biblical Satan. Instead, the term, 'The Devil' is a reference to the trickster nature of the entity. Similar African tricksters associated with the crossroads have also been referred to as 'The Devil'. Read more

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fairy Circles Continue to Mystify

Fairy circles continue to mystify science. If fairies don't make them, what does?
A 2,000-kilometer strip of desert stretching across Namibia is pockmarked with mysterious “fairy circles.” From Angola to South Africa, millions of these bare patches of dirt (which can be seen on Google Earth if you know where to look) dot the landscape, each some five to 10 meters across. And they are not static; they grow and shrink and disappear and reappear. Read more

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hoodoo Papers and Petitions

The written word can have magical power. Here is how hoodoo practitioners use papers and petitions.
In the Hoodoo tradition, one is typically advised to write one's petition on brown paper torn, usually from a grocery type sack, on all four sides by hand. This is thought to make the paper pure. However, there are instances where the practitioner is allowed to cut the paper with a pair of scissors. The use of scissors is seen as symbolic of using weapons such as swords, knives, and daggers against one's enemies. Some situations in which you would cut your petition paper with scissors can include when driving two people apart, or working enemy tricks. Read more