Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 10 Tales of Witchcraft in the Midwest

From the Nancy Evans to Molly Crenshaw, Mysterious Heartland lists the top ten tales of witchcraft in th Midwest.
Although belief in witchcraft has persisted in the American Midwest for nearly two centuries, Mysterious Heartland has found it surprisingly difficult to locate stories of witchcraft in the region. Never-the-less, we have scoured newspaper archives and dusty volumes to bring you some of the most exciting and obscure accounts of conjuring, hexes, and mistaken identity. Which story will prove to be the most compelling of them all? Read more

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Old, Mysterious Photos of Shamans, Mystics, and Medicine Men

 The Ghost Diaries has posted a collection of old, mysterious photos of shamans, mystics, and medicine men.
Throughout prehistoric times and even in some of today’s remote tribal cultures, shamans and ‘medicine men’ have sought to uncover the mysteries of consciousness and the universe. They did so by appealing to spirits in a practice called animism. In many languages, the word for spirit is the same word used for breath.

The shaman was considered a healer between the natural and spiritual world. He used spells and incantations to drive away the gods or spirits thought to be responsible for people’s illnesses. In order to tap into this unseen dimension of Mana, or life force, shamans used the ecstatic techniques of dreams, visions, and trances. Today, we scoff at most non-scientific methods of understanding reality, but for the people who lived for thousands of years before us, it was a pathway to truth.

Maybe–like with the Hindi cultures that understood certain principles of quantum physics through mystic philosophy long before we did–there are darker realities still to be dug up from our inner psyche that can answer our questions. Read more

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Poltergeist Communication

As if throwing objects around weren't bad enough, some accounts indicate that poltergeists can also communicate audibly.
Several years ago, a reader asked me about poltergeists and if these entities had the ability to use audible communication. There were a few modern reports, but I wasn't sure if these were exaggerations produced by the witnesses. So I decided to look over some of the prominent historical cases and post a few that exhibit authenticity even though the commentary may be a bit folksy. I offer my opinion at the end of the post: Read more

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Spell to Break Up a Couple

If your partner is attracted to another person, you can nip the relationship in the bud with this break-up spell. Try to cast the spell as soon as possible for best results. The ideal time to cast the spell is on a Tuesday or Saturday during the waning moon, but it's more important to cast the spell than to wait for the perfect time. The closer a relationship becomes and the longer it exists, the more difficult  it is to break up.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The States Where the Most People Believe in the Supernatural

From the wildly weird to the positively paranormal, the people in these top ten states are absolutely absorbed by the supernatural.
Have you ever wondered if there are aliens? If bigfoot is real? Have you ever thought maybe you were psychic or that your house could be haunted by its previous tenants? You aren’t alone. A huge portion of the U.S. population—75 percent, by some estimates—believes in, or at least is fascinated by, these supernatural subjects, in some areas more than others. But in which areas exactly?

That’s the mystery that the Movoto Real Estate Blog set out to unravel. So we put on our tinfoil hats, got our research materials, and set about discovering which states have the highest population of folks interested in the supernatural side of our world.

The best states for those “believers” were: Read more

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dowsers in Demand in California as Wells Run Dry

Water downers are in demand as well run dry in California.
The calls started in October, when the rain was supposed to come. Rob Thompson's phone kept ringing - a farmer in Fresno, a winemaker in Napa Valley, a rancher in Yreka.

All were looking for water. And they had heard Thompson could find it using an ancient method most call unorthodox, if not ridiculous. Thompson is a dowser, a person who believes they have the ability to locate water or precious metals deep underground using rods, sticks or a pendulum to guide them. Read more

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The 10 Most Terrifying Places in the Midwest

Michael Kleen reveals the ten most terrifying places in the Midwest.
There are a few places where men fear to tread, places so scary locals have labeled them with names like “Hotel Hell,” “Hell Bridge,” and “Satan’s Tunnel.” Witches, demons, and shadowy entities are said to lurk there. Some are even believed to contain portals to Hell itself. We at Mysterious Heartland have braved damnation to bring you this list. Which will prove to be the most terrifying place of them all? Read more