Thursday, May 25, 2017

Man Discovers Skull He Claims Is Proof of Sasquatch

The mystery of Bigfoot may have finally been solved after a man claimed to have found a fossilized skull of Sasquatch.
In what may be the most compelling evidence yet, Bigfoot enthusiast Todd May says he has found a skull of the mysterious creature.

Mr May was on a walk near to his home in Utah when he stumbled upon a rock weighing nearly five and a half stones, which is thought could be a fossilised skull. Read more

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Daryl Bem Proved ESP Is Real Which Means Science Is Broken

 Daryl Bern proved ESP is real - which means science is broken.
It seemed obvious, at first, that Jade Wu was getting punked. In the fall of 2009, the Cornell University undergraduate had come across a posting for a job in the lab of one of the world’s best-known social psychologists. A short while later, she found herself in a conference room, seated alongside several other undergraduate women. “Have you guys heard of extrasensory perception?” Daryl Bem asked the students. They shook their heads.

While most labs in the psych department were harshly lit with fluorescent ceiling bulbs, Bem’s was set up for tranquility. A large tasseled tapestry stretched across one wall, and a cubicle partition was draped with soft, black fabric. It felt like the kind of place where one might stage a séance. Read more

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alien Megastructures May Surround 64 Nearby Stars

Huge alien megastructures built by a supercivilisation may surround sixty-four nearby stars, according to an astronomer.
Last year, astronomers reported sightings of an 'alien megastructure' orbiting a distant star.

Now, a scientist has suggested that spotting these megastructures could be relatively easy – as long as experts focus on the right places.

He says that astronomers should turn their attention to 64 pulsar stars near our planet, which he believes offer the best chance of hosting an alien megastructure. Read more

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Was Jesus a Shapeshifter?

Jesus was a shapeshifter who could take any form, according to newly discovered ancient Egyptian texts.
JESUS Christ was able to shape-shift into any form which he could have used to escape his crucifixion, according to ancient Egyptian texts.

Two separate texts were discovered, now being held in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City and the other at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, which have recently been deciphered in the past few years Read more

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mysterious Deaths and the Black-Eyed Kids

If black-eyed kids knock on your door, don't let them in!
One very scary phenomenon that has captured the imagination, instilled fear, and generated a large amount of unsettling reports over the years is that of the menacing, extremely creepy Black Eyed Kids, also called simply BEKs, along with their counterparts the Black Eyed Adults. While each and every case is truly bizarre and unnerving, others go even further still, showing that not only are these mysterious entities good at scaring us, but that they on some occasions kill. Scattered amongst the many, many reports of encounters with Black Eyed Kids are those that seem to show a rather malevolent tendency for witnesses to meet with tragic misfortune and death, further casting a wicked shadow over them. Read more

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spells in Latin

Latin was the language that magicians in the West used for almost two millennia. This video includes several traditional spells pronounced in Latin. Remember that spells usually need to be repeated multiple times.