Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mysterious Holes and Craters

The holes and craters that have been found on earth may or may not be paranormal, but they are mysterious nevertheless
The recent discovery of unexplained craters in the Russian tundra has created varied speculation worldwide. But this phenomena is not new. Similar events have occurred before...some within the past few years. Another incident took place in eastern Washington in 1984...then later in Norway: Read more

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Was Atlantis in Antarctica?

Chris Condon explores the evidence that points to the lost city of Atlantis having been located on the peninsula of Lesser Antarctica.
The continent of Antarctica has been in the news. This does not happen very often. Home to only a handful of temporary residents and mostly covered by ice, Antarctica has little about it to attract the attention of the rest of the world. But Russian scientists have been doing some important scientific work there. They drilled through the massive layer of ice covering Greater Antarctica, and on February 5, 2012, made it all the way down to Lake Vostok, an ancient lake unknown to modern man. There may be many surprises yet to come because our knowledge about Antarctica is still very scant. After all, modern man did not discover Antarctica until 1818, and even then had no idea what land features lay beneath the ice until scientific advances made this possible in 1958. Read more

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Woman Speaks Foreign Language Without Learning It - As It Was Spoken 150 Years Ago

A woman speaks a foreign language without learning it - as it was spoken 150 years ago.
Even as far as reincarnation stories go, this is an unusual one.

In the 1970s, famed reincarnation researcher Ian Stevenson encountered a woman who could fluently speak a form of Bengali spoken some 150 years earlier. Modern Bengali contains about 20 percent English loan words, Bengali Professor P. Pal told Stevenson. But this woman had long conversations with Professor Pal without using a single one. On the other hand, she used more Sanskrit words, just as Bengalis did around 1810 to 1830, the hypothesized time period of her past life. Read more

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Space Aliens Walk Among Us, Claims Professor

Retired Temple University history professor David M. Jacobs has some really bad news: space aliens walk among us undetected and will soon take over the earth.
The way David M. Jacobs sees it, aliens from outer space have been kidnapping humans for aeons and sexually molesting them to create human-alien hybrids that walk among us today undetected and will soon take over Earth. Read more

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Women in Black

In Ufology, a lot is heard about the Men in Black (MIB), but not so much about Women in Black. Are Women in Black just MIBs in dresses, or are they something else altogether?
Within the world of UFO research, the Men in Black are just about as legendary as they are feared. These pale-faced, ghoulish entities have for decades terrorized into silence both witnesses to, and researchers of, UFO encounters.

Theories for who, or what, the MIB might be are many. They include: extraterrestrials, government agents, demonic creatures, time-travelers from the future, and inter-dimensional beings from realms that co-exist with ours.

While much has been written on the sinister, and occasionally deadly, actions of the MIB, practically nothing, at all, has been penned on the subject of their equally bone-chilling companions: the Women in Black. Make no mistake: the WIB are all too real. And they are as ominous and dangerous as their male counterparts. Read more

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Gypsy Money Spell

Most people nowadays aren't trying to get rich. They just want to hold on to the income they have, and maybe increase it some to make up for the rise in the cost of living. That is the purpose of a traditional prosperity spell called the Gypsy Money Spell.. It may not really be a Gypsy spell, but The 6th and 7the Books of Moses weren't really written by Moses either. Gypsies are known for magic, so this spell is attributed to them.