Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The 10 Most Terrifying Places in the Midwest

Michael Kleen reveals the ten most terrifying places in the Midwest.
There are a few places where men fear to tread, places so scary locals have labeled them with names like “Hotel Hell,” “Hell Bridge,” and “Satan’s Tunnel.” Witches, demons, and shadowy entities are said to lurk there. Some are even believed to contain portals to Hell itself. We at Mysterious Heartland have braved damnation to bring you this list. Which will prove to be the most terrifying place of them all? Read more

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Research Suggests Autistic Savants May Have Enhanced Telepathic Abilities

Are the amazing abilities of savants due to enhanced telepathic abilities? New research suggests that may be the case.
The amazing abilities of autistic savants – prodigious feats of memory and calculation, as well as musical and artistic talents, despite the presence of mental disabilities (see the bottom of this post for examples) - remains one of the most fascinating topics in brain science. But these abilities may only be the tip of the iceberg, with new research suggesting that autistic savants may also have an enhanced capacity for extrasensory perception. Read more

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Psychic Surgeons: Miracle Workers or Frauds?

Medical doctors consider psychic surgeons frauds, but patients credit them for miraculous recoveries
Two ago, Cynthia Knapp was virtually immobilised by rheumatoid arthritis. The auto-immune disease, which causes joints to swell, had left the 67-year-old in such agonising neck and back pain, she was often unable to hobble the few feet from bedroom to bathroom.

Today, however, the pain is gone, and the retired graphic designer from Worthing, West Sussex, is more active than she could ever have hoped to be. Once housebound, now her days are filled with trips to the park with her grandchildren — Sofia, seven, and Lucas, 18 months. Read more

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Spell to Return a Curse

Although it's not uncommon for people to think they have had a curse placed on them, most of the time they're wrong. They may be depressed, physically or mentally ill, or in financial difficulty and have mistakenly decided that an enemy is the cause of their suffering. Sometimes, people just want someone to blame for their troubles. However, magical curses do exist, and if you have an enemy who practices magic, it's possible that you may be a victim.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mysterious Deaths of College Students Blamed on Yeti

Investigators are now blaming the mysterious deaths of Russian college students decades ago on the Yeti. Is this just a lame attempt to justify their inability to solve the case, or is there something to it?
Investigators baffled by the unexplained and gruesome deaths of Russian college students decades ago have come up with a new suspect, albeit an unlikely one: the Yeti.

On February 2, 1959, nine college students climbed the icy slopes of Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains of Russia. They never made it out alive. The students bodies were found with broken ribs and fractured skulls. In one grotesque case, a woman's eyes had been gouged out and her tongue was missing. Read more

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Does Quantum Physics Imply that We Are Immortal?

Greg Taylor explores whether quantum physics implies that we will live forever.
Is Schrödinger's Cat immortal? And by extension, does that mean that both you and I will live forever as well?

In the famed thought experiment devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935, a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects the radioactivity from a single atom decaying, the poison is released into the sealed box, killing the cat. But in the weird world of quantum mechanics - or more specifically in this case, the 'Copenhagen interpretation' of quantum mechanics - the cat would supposedly remain in a state of 'superposition', both alive and dead, until an observation or measurement is made by an external observer opening the box, collapsing the wavefunction - and finding the cat either alive or dead. Schrödinger did not see this as a serious possibility - instead, his thought experiment was meant to show a problem with the Copenhagen interpretation. Read more

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

This scary urban legend has been around for years. It tells the tale of a mysterious lost girl who takes rides from strangers late at night.