Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Living Dinosaurs of Africa

Tales of living dinosaurs in Africa have been persistent over the years. Brent Swancer shares some of these bizarre accounts.
One of the most mysterious types of cryptid creatures is that of what are called living dinosaurs, said to be relic populations of those enormous lumbering lizards that once thunderously crashed over the face of our planet with ponderous might. While most may assume that these creatures went extinct eons ago, it is surprising how many reports there are of actual dinosaurs still alive and roaming about in the most isolated parts of our planet as they did millions of years ago. One place that has proven to be a veritable Lost World of supposed living dinosaurs is the dark continent of Africa, and here in the remote unexplored jungles dinosaurs still allegedly reign supreme as if they were never gone at all. Read more

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

5 Terrifying Stories and Lore About the Legendary Black Dogs

Everyone knows about black cats, s.but folklore is also full of "tales" about black dogs. James D'Barnes shares five terrifying stories and lore about them.
A black dog is the name given to a being found primarily in the folklores of the British Isle, often said to be associated with the Devil or a Hellhound. Its appearance was regarded as a portent of death. It is generally supposed to be larger than a normal dog, and often has large, glowing eyes. It is often associated with electrical storms (such as Black Shuck’s appearance at Bungay, Suffolk), and also with crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways. Throughout European mythology, dogs have been associated with death. Examples of this are the Garmr and Cerberus, who were in some way guardians of the underworld. Read more

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Tunguska Event of 1908: A Mysterious Blast 1000 Times Stronger Than the Atomic Bomb

Will the Tungaska Event of 1908 ever really be explained?
It’s truly amazing to be living in a time where most of us are living through a massive change in perception that’s taking place on our planet right now. This perception change encompasses many things but ultimately has to do with the opening of our minds to new concepts of reality that once did not ‘fit in’ as logical thought. This is a common theme throughout history, what was once ridiculed and scoffed at in the past eventually made its way into reality, and we’re currently seeing this when it comes to the extraterrestrial/UFO phenomenon. Read more

Thursday, December 6, 2018

NASA Admits Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth

NASA admits "tiny super-intelligent" aliens may have already visited Earth and says some UFO sightings "cannot be explained or denied." Is this admission part of the slow motion, limited hangout UFO disclosure which seems to be going on?
A NASA scientist admits that it's entirely possible aliens have already visited Earth – and we simply never noticed.

The space expert also noted that not all UFO sightings can be "explained or denied", and said scientists should be more open-minded about the possibility of alien visitors. Read more

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Nevada Triangle Mystery

You have probably heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but what about the equally mysterious Nevada Triangle?
MYSTERY has swirled around a vast area of the western United States that has seen thousands planes vanish for years.

The Nevada Triangle has become an aircraft graveyard in the last 60 years as hundreds of pilots who venture in never return.

A 2010 Channel 4 documentary revealed the astonishing number of crashes as up to 2,000 with many other sites backing up the claim. Read more

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The North American Cryptid Map

For cryptozoolgists, this cryptid map of North America should them zero in on the creatures they're interested in.
In other words: a real monster (that may not actually be real). They exist in folklore and blurry photographs and not much else, but that shouldn't stop you from believing in them. After all, many of the exotic animals we are familiar with today were once cryptids. Kangaroos, gorillas, and squids at one point were just eyewitness accounts explained to skeptical people back home.

'S'o here's a handy guide in case you decide to go looking for a cryptid near you: Read more

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Time Traveler Reveals America’s Next Presidents

If you're curious about the future, a time traveler reveals America's next presidents.
A man named Noah with a blurry face and terrible fashion sense says he’s a time traveler. He says in the not-so-distant future, time travel will be widely available and we’re going to meet aliens. Do you believe him? Hopefully not. Any yahoo with a halfway serviceable imagination can cook up a time-travel story. Like this: In the year 2032 Jeff Bezos has replaced 96% of his body’s organic matter with robot parts and now rules as the depraved god-emperor of the western hemisphere. See? It’s easy. So long as no one asks for proof. Do I have proof of the rise of the cyborg-tyrant Bezos? Other than the self-evident truth that he’s literally famed DC Comics villain Lex Luthor? No. No, I don’t. Read more