Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alien Abductions: Why?

The question is not only why do aliens see the need to abduct earthlings, but also why do they see the need to keep doing it?  It's not as if earthlings are that different or have changed much over the years.
Why do aliens see the need to abduct earthlings?

Professor David M. Jacobs is an historian and retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in 20th century American history and culture. Jacobs is also well known in the field of ufology for his research and authoring of books on the subject of alleged alien abductions. He has lectured widely, been interviewed, and participated in numerous television and radio shows on the subject of alien abductions. Read more

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May Be Next

A U.S. physicist claims evidence that two massive nuclear explosions at two sites wiped out ancient Martian civilization.
Why do many of the photographs of the surface of Mars appear to be of structures that look like they’ve been destroyed and covered with dust? According to a new book by Dr. John Brandenburg, it’s because two ancient Martian civilizations were annihilated by other aliens using nuclear weapons. What’s worse, we could be next. Read more

Thursday, November 13, 2014

20 Evil Children Who Will Haunt Your Dreams

The children in these photos certainly look as if they might be evil, demonic, or possessed.
Children, they are the future–the light of our lives…but where there is light… sometimes there is darkness, and not all children are good-natured. In fact, some children are just born evil, fertile with the seeds of a pathology that will later grow into sociopathic behavior or worse. Remember, all the serial killers who ever lived were once children. Blame it on nature, society, bad parenting–the chaos of perversion has no logic–and behind those child-like eyes lives a gestating monster.

The following photos you’d expect to find in a possessed, demonic exorcist-style movie, but take our word for it, many of them are real. So sit back and enjoy this freaky photo collection and be thankful none of the kids are yours! You never know which one could be possessed, homicidal, or even the son of Satan himself. Read more

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Portal to Real Twilight Zone Hidden in North Carolina

Is The Devil's Tramping Ground near Bennett, North Carolina, a portal to another dimension?
Those on the hunt for locations where the veil between worlds has worn thin might find themselves often pointed toward places like the The Mystery Spot in Michigan or the The Mystery Spot in California. Others might be told to visit one of the country's numerous Gravity Hills. But while many of those locales might have been proven as nothing more than some clever tricks of the eye, there is one place that no one can quite figure out: The Devil's Tramping Ground. Read more

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Return of the Okeechobee Ogre

The Okeechobee Ogre and the skunk ape sound like the same creature..
A Florida couple from Palmdale just reported their recent sighting of a large, hairy, bigfoot-like creature. They spotted the creature while they were camping along Fisheating Creek close to Lakeport, Florida. They were camping near some Indian Mounds, not far from the site of Fort Center, an area that saw heavy fighting during the Second Seminole War. Lakeport is a small retirement and fishing community on the west side of Lake Okeechobee. The mounds are considered a sacred site for Native Americans and contain artifacts along with human remains. There is a small artificial lake among the mounds that is believed to have been a charnal pond for human corpses. Read more