Friday, May 31, 2013

Physicists Find Evidence That the Universe Is a "Giant Brain"

Is this the first scientific evidence of the Universal Mind that metaphysics has talked about for centuries?
Here is a story worth sharing. We often speak of the universe being a reflection of ourselves, and point to how the eye, veins, and brain cells mirror visual phenomenon in the universe. As above so below right? Well check this out. How about the idea that the universe is a giant brain? The idea of the universe as a ‘giant brain’ has been proposed by scientists and science fiction writers for decades, but now physicists say there may be some evidence that it’s actually true (in a sense). Read more

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Weird “Clues” That Parallel Universes Exist

Although some physicists have speculated about the possible existence of parallel universes, many if not most scientists are doubtful about their reality. However, Rob Schwerz offers four weird "clues" that parallel universes exist.
The scientific possibility of parallel universes first arrived with Hugh Everett III’s Relative State Formulation in 1957. Not long after, Bryce Seligman DeWitt renamed Everett’s theory and introduced it to the masses, bringing us the popular term Many-worlds Interpretation.
But there are others, each attempting to solve the quantum measurement problem and, in this case, Everett’s formulation. These include the Many-minds interpretation and, my personal favorite, Many-histories.

Interpretations of interpretations, yeah. It’s very messy.

But for now, any thoughts of dimension-hopping adventures and parallel universes are relegated to science fiction. It’s just not possible.

Or is it?

Well, probably not. But let’s ignore the science for a moment and take a quick look at some of the weirder “clues” that maybe, just maybe, we’re living in one of many worlds. Read more

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strange Cases of Missing Time

Jason Offutt examines several strange cases of missing time, including his own.
This event occurred to me at least twelve years ago, and I still don’t know what happened.
Driving home from a Friday night shift at the newspaper, my car’s cruise control set on 55 mph, I drove by a road sign I’ve driven by hundreds of times. It reads, “Orrick: 5 Miles.” Just as I went by, the Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” came on the radio.

Perfect. I lived in Orrick, Missouri, at the time, and “Gimme Shelter” was not only my favorite Rolling Stones tune, it was also four minutes, thirty-seven seconds long, which would last me all the way home.

Then my drive fell out of reality. Read more

Friday, May 17, 2013

Swaziland Bans Witches from Flying above 150 Meters on Broomsticks

Witches are banned from flying their broomsticks above 150 meters in Swaziland.
It has been a long time since witches were burnt at the stake in Europe but the accusation remains a serious one in the landlocked African country.

Anyone caught flying their broomstick above the height limit faces arrest and a hefty R500,000 fine, the country’s civil aviation authorities said this week. Read more

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skunk Ape Encounter

Lee Stickler has posted an interesting narrative he received about the Florida skunk ape.
I received this interesting narrative today:

Hello - I live in Florida and although I've traveled a bit I always felt this is home. My family is originally from NYC but we've lived here for quite a number of years. I was young and was living with somebody in a trailer out in a horse pasture. There was a campground (Myakka near Sarasota) just on the other side of the pasture, and we had made friends with the people who ran it. It was late summer and a bunch of the campers got together because they would be leaving soon going back home, so a bonfire was being held that evening. There was a trail that led into the campground from where the trailer was, and everyone had gathered at our trailer for a farewell BBQ, then moving down to the campground after for the bonfire. Read more

Friday, May 10, 2013

Psychic's Wrong Amanda Berry Prediction Returns to Haunt Her

Those who live by publicity, die by publicity. I seriously doubt that this is a "watershed moment in how Americans view psychics," but Sylvia Browne's reputation is taking a well-deserved hit.
Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne is doing damage control over a prediction made nearly 10 years ago claiming Ohio kidnapping victim Amanda Berry was dead, but her actions may represent a watershed moment in how Americans view psychics. Read more

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

La Toya Jackson Haunted by Brother Michael

La Toya Jackson says that her childhood home in Enclino, California, is haunted by her late brother Michael Jackson.
La Toya Jackson believes that her childhood home is haunted by her brother Michael Jackson. She was on Good Day New York last week talking about her family's experiences with her late brother's ghost.

The Jackson family moved to the Encino home in 1969 when the Jackson 5 signed onto Motown Records. La Toya's mother lives in the home with Michael's children, Paris, Blanket, and Prince. Michael lived in the house until 1988 when he moved into the Neverland Ranch. Read more