Friday, June 28, 2013

New Video Strongly Suggests "Chupacabra" an Unknown Species

A video taken by a motorist in South Texas strongly suggest that the chupacrabra is an unknown species.
A video taken by a motorist in South Texas reveals that the gait, tail, rear hips and nose of an unknown creature that is becoming more common to the area probably isn't a coyote. Previously, many biologists had assumed that the creature was a coyote with a disease called sarcoptic mange (scabies), but this animal does not move like a coyote and its long nose and gait are not consistent with the changes seen in coyotes with the disease. Read more

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ronald Reagan's Astrologers and Occultists

Ronald Reagan was one of the few U.S. presidents with a known interest in the occult and paranormal. Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation reveals the details.
U.S. President Ronald Reagan had a keen interest in numerology and horoscopes. Less known is that a certain scholar of occult philosophy had a lifelong influence on the 40th president of the United States. In 2010, Mitch Horowitz, then the editor-in-chief of Tarcher/Penguin published Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation which reveals the details: Read more

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stonehenge UFO Photo Among Final Release of U.K. X-Files

The U.K. National Archives has released the last of its UFO files, including a photo taken of a possible UFO over Stonehenge.
A photograph taken of a possible UFO over the prehistoric monument known as Stonehenge (see image above) is among the 25 files of 4,400 pages of UFO files just released by the U.K. National Archives.

Of the total amount of the U.K. X-Files that have been periodically released since 2008 -- about 50,000 pages from 209 files -- this final batch of files covers the work of the Ministry of Defense's UFO desk from 2007 to November 2009.

The files have been divided into different sections: Read more

Friday, June 21, 2013

Daily Mail Payout to Sally Morgan over Psychic "Scam" Article

The publisher of the Daily Mail has agreed to pay "substantial" damages to psychic Sally Morgan after an article suggested she had "perpetrated a scam" on a theater audience.
Associated Newspapers has apologised to Sally Morgan and also agreed to pay her legal costs, the High Court was told.

Mr Justice Tugendhat heard Mrs Morgan was a psychic who had become well-known through TV and theatre appearances.

A statement on Mrs Morgan's website revealed the payout had been £125,000. Read more

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Uri Geller Psychic Spy?

A new documentary claims that psychic Uri Geller was involved in global espionage, and that after 9/11 he was "reactivated" as a pyschic spy.
We may know him for spoon bending antics and for his lengthy friendship with pop star Michael Jackson but showbiz psychic Uri Geller has seemingly had a lengthy second career as a secret agent for Mossad and the CIA, albeit one that was more Austin Powers than James Bond. Read more

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nick Redfern on the Highly Classified "Monster Files"

Nick Redfern answers questions about the cases in his new book Monster Files: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals/
Great to have Nick Redfern with us again at Examiner. I've lost count of how many times we have been fortunate enough for him to be here with us. His new book, "Monster Files: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals" is a gem indeed. Let us delve into its confines through the wit of Nick in this interview. Read more

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ask a Wizard: Divination and Why It Works

A real wizard explains what divination is and why it works.
When you next roll a pair of dice, turn a Tarot card, play the lottery or read the I Chiing, consider this: How do you know that the game in question isn’t rigged?

Divination systems work by simply removing the element of the seeker’s consciousness from the equation. We are presented with a randomized collection of symbolic data instead of suppositions, decisions, hopes, fears and other distractions. By eliminating expectation, we awaken the unconscious factors. These will vary based upon the individual, and it is useful to learn about the ancient systems of personality categorization. More modern systems like the DSM-IV-TR and related psychologically-based arrangements are heavily loaded with judgment and bias. The elder arts are human in origin and will have similar faults. Understanding a multitude of these systems is essential to the successful diviner Read more

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dr. Brian Weiss on the Patient Who Convinced Him There Is an Afterlife

What convinced  Ivy League-educated Dr. Brian Weiss to believe in the afterlife?
Past lives, the afterlife, channeling messages from beyond the grave -- some people call it fascinating, others call it frightening. And then there are the many skeptics who call it pure fiction. Dr. Brian Weiss, an Ivy League-educated psychiatrist, used to describe himself as one of those skeptics. But Weiss' views completely changed in 1980 when he met a patient he calls Catherine. Read more

4 Basic Nutritional Supplements

There are four basic nutritional supplements that will help almost everyone enjoy better health, says Margaret Durst.
Just the basics of nutrition are a concern to many. I find that some very basic nutritional supplements help almost everybody.

A good multivitamin is the first basic. What makes a multivitamin good is the quality of the contents along with the technology used to encapsulate or tablet the contents.

The better vitamins do not have pharmaceutical glaze, artificial coloring, several kinds of cellulose, nor do they contain synthetic vitamins such as synthetic E or dl-alpha tocopherol. Read your labels. Read more

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Immortality Research Projects Funded

Millions of dollars have been handed out to researchers investigating human immortality.
Research projects investigating the near-death experience and the 'life review' component of the NDE are among the first recipients of funding from The Immortality Project at the University of California, Riverside, selected from among 75 proposals. The Immortality Project was established at UC Riverside in 2012 with a $5 million, three-year grant from the John Templeton Foundation to undertake a rigorous examination of a wide range of issues related to immortality.

The funded proposals include: Read more

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Wormhole" Vortex Reported In Brighton, UK

A "wormhole" vortex was reported to a street-fixing website by a concerned resident in Brighton, UK.
Either someone in Brighton, U.K., has been watching too much Doctor Who or the city has a serious wormhole problem.

A concerned resident recently reported that a “wormhole or vortex” had opened up on Montreal Road -- a "portal to other times, places and dimensions," the Argus reported. Read more