Saturday, March 17, 2018

Strange Encounters With Unicorns

Brent Swancer examines reports of strange encounters with unicorns.
Among the more bizarre of sightings reports of strange creatures and entities are those that seem to describe something from straight out of a fairy tale. It is something I have covered here on Mysterious Universe before, and such surreal cases never cease to baffle and amaze. Equally from fairy tales and just as seemingly out of sync with the real world, yet nevertheless often depicted as being real and with sightings, are those reports throughout history of real live unicorns. Far from being merely the product of myth and imagination, some strange accounts seem to suggest that there is more to these fantastical creatures than we may think. As bizarre as it may seem, here is a look at odd accounts both historical and more recent that point to unicorns as having perhaps existed in some form or other. Read more

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Amelia Earhart's Bones May Have Been Found

Amelia Earhart's disappearance was one of the great unexplained mysteries of the twentieth century. Has it finally been solved?
Amelia Earhart’s story is revolutionary: She was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, and might have been the first to fly around the world had her plane not vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.

After decades of mystery surrounding her disappearance, her story might come to a close. Read more

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sex With Extraterrestrials? A Deeper Look Into the Supposed Alien/Human Hybrid Program

Alien/human hybrids are a staple of UFO abduction encounters. Arjun Walia takes a deeper look at what might be going on.
Prior to the recent official disclosure of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the mainstream (via the recent Pentagon footage and the release of millions of pages of UFO related documents from dozens of governments), UFOs were listed in the conspiracy category. This was the case despite all of the evidence that was leaked over the decades, from very credible sources. Apart from the evidence listed above, we also have witness testimony from hundreds of military and intelligence personnel from around the world. These are the sources that were cited before official UFO disclosure, and these same sources have also been quite expressive in their belief that some of these objects are indeed extraterrestrial, including the head of the Pentagon’s former Ariel defence program, Luis Elizondo. Read more

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Clear Money Anxiety and Become a Money Magnet With Tapping

Victoria Luminary reveals how to apply the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to money manifestation.
Money anxiety and worries over finances often cause great stress. Many of us living in the U.S. feel concerned about job security and how they will pay their bills or whether they will have enough money to retire. All of these concerns bring up a myriad of emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, and grief to name just a few. You can release the anxiety and become a money magnet!. Read more

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Is NASA Hiding Proof of Alien Life on Mars?

NASA is hiding evidence of soft-bodied aliens on Mars, claims a microbiologist who says he’ll prove the cover-up with a "bombshell report".
Evidence of life on Mars is being covered up by Nasa, according to a researcher Barry DiGregorio at a Buckingham University.

The agency’s space explorer, the Curiosity rover, has snapped what may be trace fossils created by soft-bodied creatures on the red planet, he says.

An upcoming 'bombshell' report will reveal how Nasa is aware of the find and has chosen to keep it hidden from the public, the scientist claims. Read more

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

There are historical secrets we still don't understand, says Stephen Wagner.
How can we know who we are if we don't know where we come from? It is clear from many fragments of evidence, traditions, and lore that we have an incomplete picture of the earliest days of human civilization. It's possible that whole civilizations, some with advanced technology, have come and gone. At the very least, human culture reaches much further back in time than conventional history admits.

There are many mysteries in our ancient past, but there may be clues to that past around the world in the form of sunken cities, ancient structures, cryptic hieroglyphics, artwork and more. Read more

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Farmer Claims Pics of Porn Star Protect Plants From Evil Eye

The "evil eye" is one of the most widespread folk magic beliefs. A farmer claims to have found a unique way to ward it off.
“This year, I have a good crop on 10 acres. This has been attracting unnecessary attention of villagers and passersby. To ward off their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster of Sunny Leone a couple of days ago.” Read more

Saturday, February 24, 2018

All the Entrances to Underground Bases

Secret underground bases are widely rumored to exist. This list includes all the known entrances to these bases, both in the U.S. and elsewhere.
We recently came across a very interesting list from a book called Entrances to Subterranean Tunnels "Underground Alien Bases" (UAB) ISBN: 0-938294-92-X (UAB) which purports to list all the known underground entrances to bases. Here is where they are!

New York City
There is an entrance to the tunnels in New York City "in the vicinity of Midtown Manhattan that can be reached through an abandoned elevator shaft that only very few know about Read more

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Top 5 Energy Healing Techniques

Although using metaphysical techniques for manifestation gets a lot of attention, healing is actually more popular. These are the top five energy healing techniques.
Modern man may have made many breaking developments and technological advancements today, but present day’s fast paced lifestyle also has him face the brunt of numerous health concerns like stress, insomnia, cardiovascular conditions, cancers and psychosomatic disorders.

Due to the growing number of health complications among people today, the costs of conventional medical treatments are on the rise. This trend is bringing the centuries-old energy healing techniques back into the spotlight. These techniques more or less work on the simple principle of holistic healing that aims at curing an illness through interconnections of the mind, body and soul. Read more.

Monday, February 19, 2018

President Nixon and the ET Disclosure Time Capsule He Left in the White House

Robert Merritt is not a particularly admirable man, but he is definitely not a fake whistleblower like Corey Goode. His bonafides are provable. I am more of a believer in the "alien presence" after hearing his testimony than I was before.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

10 Scientific Hints of Possible Higher Beings

Humans have believed in higher beings since the dawn of time, but Robert Grimminck says there are ten scientific hints that they may actually exist.
Is another being responsible for our lives or even the entire universe? If you believe in God, you have your answer. However, some mind-boggling studies suggest other possibilities for higher beings who are responsible for our existence. Read more

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Sound Manifestation Spell

Everyone at some point wants something they do not have. In metaphysics, the word manifestation means the creation of something in your life. The Sound Manifestation Spell is used to help manifest a specific objective, such as a job or an amount of cash to pay a bill.It works to boost the effects of your ordinary efforts to manifest that objective.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Former Defense Minister Says Illuminati Real and Secretly Running World

The Illuminati is real and secretly running our world claims a former Canadian defense minister.
A FORMER defence minister has sensationally claimed the legendary Illuminati is REAL and secretly running world affairs from behind the scenes.

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defence, is believed to be the highest-ranking former politician to come out as a believer of the popular conspiracy theory. Read more

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Mysterious Lost Underground Civilization of the Grand Canyon

Brent Swancer explores the mystery of the lost civilization of the Grand Canyon.
Lying within the U.S. state of Arizona is one of the most majestic natural wonders of our planet, the Grand Canyon. Carved over hundreds of millions of years by the Colorado River and measuring 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide, the Grand Canyon is a major natural phenomenon, but it is also a place of deep historical mysteries and oddities as well. One of the most unusual of these is the claim that somewhere under the earth here once ruled an advanced civilization with unknown origins and who have become lost to history, which supposedly inhabited a complex cave and cavern system that they left behind to sow bafflement and speculation with their passing. It is a very curious, far-out case that, if real, could shake our historical perceptions to the core. Read more

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Was Mars Destroyed by a Nuclear War?

Was Mars destroyed by an interplanetary nuclear war in a battle described in Bible?
THE ‘War in Heaven’ as described by the Bible was actually a nuclear war on Mars which rid the Red Planet of any life existing there, according to a group of Christians.

Huge devastation in Heaven was included in the Old Testament but now many believe there could be greater meaning. Read more

Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 Crazy Pictures of People Who Just Might Be Time Travelers

Here are fourteen crazy pictures of people who just might be time travelers.
Would the discovery of modern people in old pictures would be enough to convince the world, or even you, of the existence of time travel? If so, then you're about to find out for yourself as you get a load of the following photographs, which some people claim are actually old photos of time travelers who were accidentally caught on film. Whether you believe they're simple coincidences or eyebrow-raising evidence of the ability to chill in other eras is up to you, but along the way you'll get the chance to get a look at some pretty interesting pictures - images weird enough to make even the boldest skeptic take a second look.

Among the following would-be time traveler pictures you'll see some evidence of modern technology being used long before it was invented. You'll also get the chance to pick a couple of folks in eerily modern clothing out of crowds of people who lived long ago and decide whether they were just super fashion-forward or travelers from another time altogether.

So strap on your time-traveling seat belts and get ready for a creepily modern blast from the past as you check out what some claim is evidence of time travelers who accidentally got caught on film. After all, if these people could do it, maybe there's something to the idea? Maybe? Read more

Thursday, February 1, 2018

16 Cryptids Toat Might (or Might Not) Exist

Cryptids are creatures that might (or might not) exist. Here are sixteen of the best known:
Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence has yet to be—or else cannot entirely be—proved or disproved by science. These creatures, known collectively as cryptids, include examples like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Himalayan Yeti, yet these famous cases are by no means the only ones on record. In fact, practically every country and corner of the globe has its own legendary monster or mystery creature that supposedly dwells there, from giant bats in Java to enormous water hounds in Ireland. Read more

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

10 Unexpected Ways to Communicate With Ghosts

If you are looking for a way to make contact with a departed friend or relative, Megan Grant lists ten unexpected ways to communicate with ghosts.
Even since I saw Casper, I wanted to be able to communicate with ghosts. As an adult, I became jealous of psychics and mediums like Lisa Williams and Sylvia Browne for their ability to communicate with the dead. So, I just spent a whole bunch of time researching unexpected ways to communicate with ghosts. Because even though I'm not nearly as cool as people like Williams and Browne, I would still like to know how to summon the spirits of cute little ghosts with giant heads like Casper. (Bonus points if they're actually Devon Sawa.) Read more

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bizarre and Frightening Accounts of Bigfoot Attacks

 Brent Swancer shares some bizarre and frightening accounts of Bigfoot attacks.
One of the most well-known and widely discussed cryptids of all time are the mysterious hairy, ape-like giants of North America, which are variously called the Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Grassman, and other regional names. Seen all over the continent, they may differ in appearance or behavior, but one thing that is usually consistent is that for all of their size and strength they seem to be mostly peaceful and benevolent denizens of the forest, much more likely to run away or hide than to confront. Yet there have been many accounts from at least the 19th century all the way up to the present of a different side to these creatures, that of a fierce, ferocious beast fully willing and able to attack or even kill if it has to. Although not as common as reports of more benign or gentle Bigfoot, the accounts or violent or aggressive Bigfoot attacks are rather scary and shocking, and show that there is perhaps more to these enigmatic creatures than meets the eye. Read more

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10 Truly Creepy Demonic Hauntings

 Benjamin Welton shares ten accounts of truly creepy demonic hauntings.
Most paranormal investigators will tell you that there are several different types of hauntings. Residual hauntings tend to be benign because the ghosts in question reenact their memories from life without interacting with the world around them. Intelligent hauntings and poltergeist activity are scarier because the entities recognize and interact with the humans around them. Few of these interactions are positive.

But when it comes to hauntings, the most threatening and negative are demonic hauntings. In these cases, houses and people are tormented by nonhuman entities that seek to possess the living. Demonic hauntings tend to be mentally and spiritually draining. They also tend to last a long time because demons, which were never humans, can only be expelled through certain religious rituals. Read more

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Has Proof That Donald Trump Is a Time Traveler Been Discovered?

Proof of time travel? Twitter users spot Donald Trump on the Bayeux Tapestry.
AN ANCIENT figure with an astonishing likeness to Donald Trump has been discovered on the Bayeux Tapestry by eagle-eyed Twitter users.

As the an ancient artpiece of the battle at Hastings leaves France for the first time in 950 years and heads to the UK, some have noticed a peculiar man on the famous stitching.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users highlighted the person on the Bayeux Tapestry who looks remarkably similar to the US President. Read more

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

Brent Swancer shares bizarre accounts of mysterious phantom bases.
One cornerstone of many a conspiracy theory is that of mysterious secret bases. Governments around the world do have extremely secretive, off-limits bases scattered throughout all corners of the globe, which draw to them such stories of strange experiments, secret research, UFOs, and all manner of high strangeness. Many of these have become legendary for the thick cloud of intrigue and bizarre tales orbiting them, such as the infamous and much-discussed Area 51 in Nevada. My colleague Nick Redfern recently also talked about deep weirdness at the top-secret Porton Down military installation in the English county of Wiltshire. However, while the stories surrounding many of these sorts of facilities may or may not hold any truth, at least the bases themselves are known to be real, if not fully understood. Yet there are other supposed secret bases out there that hover out in the realm of pure speculation, rumor, myth. For some supposed secret bases, their very existence seems to be fueled by pure conspiracy theory, and it is not really known if they have ever even existed or not. These are the weird, very often eyebrow raising tales of phantom secret bases that may or may not exist and the bizarreness that surrounds them. Read more

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Professor Claims Human Wi-Fi Connects Brains

A professor of psychotherapy says that a type of  }wi-fi"connects human brains, explaining why people have gut feelings.
Humans brains are interconnected through type of 'wi-fi' which allows us to pick up far more information about other people than we are aware of, a leading professor claims. Read more

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Love Magnet Spell

When it comes to love magic, it seems that attracting a lover is the most common objective. Attraction spells employ everything from candles to herbs to magnets. Since the function of a magnet is to attract, creating a love magnet is an effective way to attract love. The unique thing about the Love Magnet Spell is that you will not be using a ready-made magnet, but making your own instead.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nostradamus 2018 Predictions: World War 3 and Disaster

Nostradamus predicts World War 3 and disaster for 2018, but on the bright side, survivors may live to 200.
NOSTRADAMUS predictions for 2018 have foretold one of the worst years in global history with a string of natural disasters, the fall of the economy, and the start of World War 3.

French prophet Nostradamus is believed by some to have accurately predicted the rise of Napoleon and Hitler and the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks.

Many researchers of the infamous prophet, who died in 1566, are also convinced he has correctly foretold the current barbaric acts being committed by ISIS in the Middle East including its bid to capture areas of Europe to fulfil its Caliphate. Read more

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Dark Knight Satellite Mystery

Although dismissed as a "conspiracy theory" by establishment propagandists such as Snopes and Wikipedia (nothing to see here), the Dark Knight Satellite is an enduring unexplained mystery.
There are around 3000 human-made satellites in working order around the Earth, however if the debris of old and damaged satellites are taken into account the number increases dramatically. Ever since the Soviet Union launched the very first artificial satellite into orbit in 1957, various countries around the world have sought to compete and satellites today are used for communication, navigation and exploration. Satellites are often visible passing overhead as the sunlight reflects back towards the Earth. One of them is impossible to miss, the largest satellite currently in orbit, the International Space Station, at a huge 100m across. However, these satellites are relatively unexciting in comparison to the mystery surrounding one very old dark satellite… Read more

Thursday, January 4, 2018

America’s Most Terrifying Monsters by State

 What's the most terrifying monster in your state. Find out from the United States of Monsters infographic.
This United States of Monsters infographic notes the monster that wreaks the most havoc in every state, and it could save your life. From the Jersey Devil to Bigfoot, America’s crawling with cryptozoological beasts. Some are harmless, while others seek to maim, dismember and destroy all we hold dear. Be vigilant, America. Read more