Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flying Saucer and Flying Humanoids Reported in India

A flying saucer and flying humanoids have been reported in India.
A young boy in Kanpur, India, hoping to takes some pictures of clouds instead photographed what appears to be a classic flying saucer. Meanwhile, Indian sews programs are showing videos of what look like flying humanoids over Nellore that some say look vaguely familiar.

On June 24, 7-year-old Abhijeet Gupta thought he was taking pictures of a glider flying through the clouds but knew it was something else when it began changing colors and emitting lights. Here’s part of his description: Read more

Saturday, June 27, 2015

ET Go Home: Is It Time to Retire the ET Hypothesis?

Greg Bishop thinks it's time to time to retire to extraterrestrial hypothesis as an explanation for UFOs.
If you can’t at least consider the possibility that the human race has been involved in some sort of interaction with a non-human intelligence for a great deal of recorded history, you may stop reading now. The thousands of reports and accounts of gods, aliens, djinn, fairies, tricksters and other entities that pop up through the ages might be wishful thinking, or there is something very weird going on. If nothing else, it is far more interesting to consider the latter possibility. Read more

Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Reasonss Not to Ghost Hunt in the Dark

Ghost hunting in the dark seems to be traditional, but there are several reasons not to ghost hunt with the lights out.
Ever since Ghost Hunters premiered, paranormal enthusiasts seem to mimic television and ghost hunt in the dark. In today’s paranormal world it has become the standard practice to do all investigations with the lights off. But when asked why people investigate with the lights off, most people have no idea why it’s actually done. It’s presented on television this way for entertainment purposes, as it looks frightening. There are a number of reasons why we actually shouldn’t ghost hunt with the lights out. Read more

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Man Displays Personality of Child Organ Donor After Transplant Surgery

This story of a man who displayed personality characteristics of of a child organ donor after receiving a kidney transplant raises the question of just where do our memories actually reside?
In March of 1996, forty-eight year old Albert Morrow spent several days recovering in a Georgia hospital bed after a successful kidney transplant. Relegated to a strict diet and regimented liquid intake, his multiple requests for a glass of cold milk were denied by the attending health care personnel. Even in his sleep, the nurses would hear him muttering about drinking milk and eating chocolate chip cookies. During a visit, Albert’s wife, Joyce, learned of her husband’s desire for milk and complained that it must be some kind of reaction to the medication as Albert was lactose intolerant and had avoided dairy in any form for over thirty years. Read more

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How the Power of Suggestion Can Ruin Your Ghost Hunt

Several things can influence your ghost hunt negatively if you're not careful.
Paranormal investigations are very difficult to carry out if you’re trying remain neutral or objective. What information is shared before and during can influence the investigation greatly, as the power of suggestion can influence others whether you mean it to or not. Below is a small list of common things that can influence your investigation negatively. Read more

Thursday, June 18, 2015

UFOs Spotted Above Loch Ness

Are aliens searching for Nessie? UFOs have been spotted above Loch Ness.
Forget the fabled Loch Ness Monster. Now we've got something else just as strange at Scotland's famous lake where, according to legend, a prehistoric beast makes its home.

Move over, Nessie, UFOs seem to take a liking to your backyard. A tourist unexpectedly photographed what looks like a pair of disc-shaped objects flying above the water of the 22-mile-long freshwater lake. Read more

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Has the “Flat Earth Theory” Found a New Audience?

 The "Flat Earth" theory was disproved long ago, right? It seems to have found a new audience, though.
It’s the last thing that most would ever think they would have to make a case for in the modern world: why the Earth is indeed a globe, and not a flat plane covered with topographical features like mountains and valleys, drifting along like an island in space.

Strange as it may sound, this was precisely the kind of argument I recently found myself having to address, in response to a discussion that took place on an online radio show which apparently brought the so-called “flat earth theory” back into question… at least in the minds of some. Read more

Saturday, June 13, 2015

10 Alchemists and Their Strange Discoveries

Did you know that mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton was also an alchemist? He and other alchemists left a strange modern legacy, according to Debra Kelly.
Simply put, alchemy is the study of the transmutation of base metals into gold or other precious metals. While alchemist have long been relegated to the fringe, modern scientists are finding that the alchemists were just a little bit right. Not all the way, because there are plenty of alchemical theories that, if true, would mean we’re living in an entirely different world. In some instances, though, historic alchemists did have a lasting impact on the world around them—just not the way they expected. Read more

Thursday, June 11, 2015

People All Over the World Are Reporting Night Hags

Paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan examines possible explanations for the sleep paralysis creatures known as night hags.
Jason woke up every night feeling pinned to his bed. The terror was very real. He could feel an unknown presence looming above him in the darkness. His hobby of photography had recently taken him to several reportedly haunted locations. Did something follow him home?

Jason has always been intrigued by abandoned buildings. A recent road trip with a handful of fellow photographers brought them to several paranormal hotspots. They spent a few hours at each location, focusing on the architecture and scenery. While he didn’t necessarily get any creepy vibes while shooting the location, he still worried that something might have tagged along for the ride. What else could have woken him up in the middle of the night? The possibilities are as follows: Read more

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fleets of UFOs Seen Flying over England and Georgia

UFOs in these numbers are more likely part of the secret space program than extraterrestrial visitors.
Seeing one UFO is getting to be pretty common. Two generates a little more interest. See a fleet of UFOs and you get some attention. That’s what’s happening in Cheltenham, England and Conyers, Georgia, after large numbers of UFOs were seen over those cities this week. Are these mysterious lights signs of an invasion or aliens checking out B&B’s in the Cotswolds? Read more

Saturday, June 6, 2015

African Shaman Demonstrates Levitation

A German film crew captures an African shaman performing levitation. If this is a trick, it's a pretty good one.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Charlie Charlie Challenge Was a Giant Publicity Stunt for a Horror Movie

Rather than being another example of teenagers experimenting with the occult, it turns out that the Charlie Charlie Challenge was a marketing campaign for a new horror movie..
We’ve already written about the insane that social media trend #CharlieCharlieChallenge in which teenagers use pencils like a Ouija board boast on a racist rumor about a “Mexican demon” named “Charlie” – because that’s a common name for a Mexican demon.

Anyways, it was a giant marketing campaign. So you have been brainwashed, fooled, tricked, hoodwinked, and manipulated by an advertising agency. Read more

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Skinwalker Ranch: The Most Top Secret Paranormal Mystery of the Century

Paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan describes the incredible variety of paranormal phenomena that occur at Skinwalker Ranch.
Skinwalker Ranch is hands down one of the most mysterious places on Earth, crossing over into nearly every category of the paranormal world. Where else could UFO sightings be linked with poltergeist-like activity, interdimensional portals, shapeshifting humanoids and mutant wolf encounters?

We’ve been obsessed with this case for years, ever since discovering it through a Paracast episode. Ever since then, we’ve been feverishly accumulating as much material as we can to try and understand what the hell is going on at what seems like a military installation devoted to experimenting on paranormal entities…. Read more