Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Top 10 UFO And Unexplained Phenomena News Stories

Paranormal expert Lee Speigel lists the top ten UFO and unexplained phenomena news stories of 2012.
The world didn't end in 2012, nor did our fascination with UFOs.
Did a UFO hover over the summer Olympic games? Can we believe an ex-CIA agent who claimed that extraterrestrials caused the 1947 Roswell incident? Will DNA tests prove the existence of Bigfoot?

Those questions were at the heart of 2012's list of the top 10 UFO and unexplained phenomena news stories. Scroll through the list to see them all.

One hint about our number one story of the year: it had nothing to do with UFOs, but captured the attention of people all over the world. Read more

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Was A 5,000 Year Old Vimana Unearthed in Afghanistan?

Military scientists allege something powerful and mysterious was found in a cave in Afghanistan. Some say it is the first discovery of a Vimana, an ancient flying machine that may be extraterrestrial.
The idea of ancient aliens, ancient UFOs, and ancient astronauts have often skirted around depictions of Vimanas, elaborate dirigibles from India that supposedly predated modern technology. In the Sanskrit texts “Vimanas” refer to religious temples.

Interpretations of what these temples actually were run the gamut from interstellar spaceships to early prototypes of airplanes. Some scholars maintain these images and stories of space battles simply attest to the powers of the imagination (and even science fiction) thriving early on in human history. Other scholars say that these Sanskrit texts and other early historical documents suggest the Vimanas were either alien spaceships or aircrafts built by humans based on directives from alien ‘gods’. Read more

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prophetic Profits: Making Money off Doomsday Dread.

Bruce Maiman discusses how dire prophecies help some people make money off doomsday dread.
There's an old riddle: What is always coming but never arrives? Tomorrow, because when tomorrow comes it will be today.

That works for predictions about the end of the world, too, yet apocalyptic prophets are convinced the year 2012 marks our global demise when the Mayan "Long Count" calendar – 5,125 years long – expires Thursday at midnight. On the 21st, the winter solstice, the calendar starts over. Twelve percent of Americans believe that's when the world will end, according to a recent Reuters survey. More benignly, some think we'll enter some sort of "new era." The rest of us will wait until New Year's Day to "start over."

Today's vision of Armageddon takes many forms: natural disasters, economic collapse, power grid failure, religious conviction, cosmic phenomena, nuclear war, terrorist attack, viral infection, alien invasion, government takeover, FEMA camps and, of course, zombies. Read more

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ABC Reporter Almost Had Interview with Ghost

ABC reporter Vanessa Bolano almost had an interview with a ghost while doing a story about haunted locations at the Myrtles Plantation.
Vanessa Bolano, a reporter for ABC news affiliate WGNO, was doing a segment about haunted locations at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, when something strange appeared onscreen with her.

"So we went to St. Francisville and visited the Myrtles Plantation, and while I'm back at the station reviewing our video, I noticed we may have captured one of the Myrtle's supernatural residents fly through my stand-up. Take a look." Read more

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Finding Bigfoot": Photo Of Sasquatch And Baby?

The Finding Bigfoot team believes that a photo may show Sasquatch and a baby.
The team headed to Vermont to investigate a strange sighting on "Finding Bigfoot." A man was having apples eaten from his yard, so he set up a camera to see what animals were the cause. But what he captured was no animal he'd ever seen before. Watch video

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Traditional Witchcraft Charms and Spells

This video describes traditional witchcraft charms and spells from various books in history, recorded witch trials, old cunning men, etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NBA Star Claims He Saw a UFO during Hurricane Sandy

Brooklyn Nets player Deron Williams told GQ that he saw a UFO during Hurricane Sandy.
Like many athletes in the Northeast, Deron Williams was not immune to strange and uncomfortable circumstances during Hurricane Sandy. However, in addition to power failures and no cell reception, the Brooklyn Nets star is convinced he witnessed something even more bizarre in those first darkened hours: a UFO.
In an interview with GQ's Peter Schrager, Williams recounted his Sandy experience. While the story he tells is fairly common -- he complained of no heat and no Twitter -- one detail seemed to stick out from the rest
. From the magazine: Read more

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is There a Portal on Glastonbury Tor?

Glastonbury Tor in southwest England has been recognized as a holy hill for millennia, but is it also an entrance to another dimension?
The small Somerset town of Glastonbury, like its sister centre the Hebridean Isle of Iona, has enjoyed a celebrity status for some time now. Still a Mecca for those seeking spiritual insight, magic or other worldly dimensionality and, of course, host to the most famous and enduring music festival of them all. So how did it all come about, this self nominating of exceptionalness, a special place in England above most all others? Read more

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Has Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records Been Found in Egypt?

Has Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records been found in Egypt, but covered up by Zahi Hawass and the Egyptian government?
Rumors are circulating throughout the world recently with the supposed discovery of one of the legendary Hall of Records in Egypt. The Egyptian government along with recently retired Zahi Hawass who ran the Egyptian Antiquities Department have adamantly denied these claims saying that no such building or chamber has been found. However, many researchers and even some archaeologists are saying that the chamber was indeed found but has been covered up due to the contents inside and what it would mean to both our understanding of history and Ancient Egypt’s history. Read more

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Phantom Black-Eyed Kids

What's scarier than a black-eyed kid (BEK)? A phantom black-eyed kid!
This account of a pair of BEKs in Pittsburgh, PA was recently sent to me. Oddly, one of the children doesn't seem to have fully materialized during this encounter. This led the witness to believe he had seen a ghost, but perhaps it's a clue as to the true nature of these beings. Read more

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did Psychic Espionage Reveal a Spy?

Did psychic espionage reveal a spy? According to an upcoming book, a U.S. government investigator used a psychic to identify an Australian  spy trying to sell stolen U.S. documents to Singapore.
An upcoming book claims that a spy was discovered through the use of psychic powers. According to the "Canberra Times", Scott Carmichael, a former investigator for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), "is writing a book about how he used a psychic to identify [saboteur Jean-Philippe] Wispelaere after the former Australian Defence Intelligence Organization analyst tried to sell stolen U.S. documents to Singaporean embassy officials in Thailand." Read more

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Are Ghosts Information Patterns?

Are ghosts information patterns? It may be one way to explain the existence of ghosts without resorting to the supernatural..
The idea of the spirit realm is not new. In fact, it’s one of the defining concepts in the collective imagination of our species. The earliest humans grappled with the idea of a spirit world. Philosophers like Descartes contemplated the divisions of the material world and the world of the mind.

We are ‘haunted’ by the idea of our own mortality. Over the years we’ve struggled with the possibility that those who have died before us are not completely gone, that part of them lives on in some kind of supernatural dimension that spills over into our everyday lived reality.

There is a concept of ghosts that takes a more scientific but no less spooky approach. It centers around the idea of energy and information. To be sure, the physical universe—everything from galactic formation to organic intelligence—is constructed of energy and patterns of information. Underneath the velour of the macroscopic world the matrix of our reality is comprised of constantly shifting quantum particles, intertwined dimensions, and amplitude distributions the true nature of which is hardly understood. After all, over 90% of our universe is comprised of “dark energy” and “dark matter” and physicists readily admit they have no idea what it is. Read more

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cylindrical UFO Videotaped by Amateur Astronomer

Kentucky amateur astronomer Allen Epling videotaped a cylindrical UFO in clear skies on October `6, 2012.
Several eyewitnesses in different areas of eastern Kentucky reported seeing a strange, cylindrical UFO hover for two hours in clear skies last week, but an amateur astronomer's striking video and images of the object are now coming to light.

Astronomer Allen Epling was at home on Oct. 16, when one of his visitors said there was a strange airplane in the sky, reports the Appalachian News-Express. Read more

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic

Can anyone learn to become a psychic? Yes and no, says Dr. Barry Taff.
Is it possible to take normal, healthy, emotionally stable people who do not think they're psychic, and haven't really had any prior experiences to their knowledge, and train them to become functionally reliable psychics?

YES and NO. Read more

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Psychic: Steve Jobs Not Having a Pleasant Afterlife

Psychic medium Reverend Betsy Cohen says that the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is not have a pleasant afterlife.
Angels with harps, pearly gates, and reunions with loved ones — these are the images that people associate with the other side. However, despite his successes and millions, Steve Jobs is apparently getting a very different afterlife according to a psychic. Read more

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Afterlife Exists Says Top Brain Surgeon

Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon who had previously dismissed the possibility of the afterlife, says he has reconsidered his belief after experiencing an out of body experience which has convinced him that heaven exists.
Dr Eben Alexander, a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, fell into a coma for seven days in 2008 after contracting meningitis.

During his illness Dr Alexander says that the part of his brain which controls human thought and emotion "shut down" and that he then experienced "something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death." In an essay for American magazine Newsweek, which he wrote to promote his book Proof of Heaven, Dr Alexander says he was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a "place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones" and "shimmering beings". Read more

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Astronomer: It's Time for a Scientific Study of UFOs

Astronomer Derrick Pitts wants UFOs studied by science, but he isn't sure that his colleagues feel the same way.
Nothing kills a career faster than being branded a kook, and in many circles, that's what you are when you admit you've seen a UFO.

The stakes are raised, of course, if we're talking about academic communities, and even more so among astronomers -- people who study the skies.

Many astronomers say there's nothing of any scientific merit that could result in the study of UFOs. Read more

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jane Goodall Goes Ape for Bigfoot

Jane Goodall is not saying that she believes in Bigfoot, but she is open-minded enough to admit her fascination with the legendary creature.
The most famous primatologist in the world is ape about Bigfoot.

 Jane Goodall made her name studying chimpanzees in Africa and by discovering that they, like humans, use tools.

Since then, she has been working to preserve their decreasing numbers via the Jane Goodall Insititute. She also admitted to an interest in the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch or the Yeti. Read more

Thursday, September 27, 2012

15 Foods That Enhance Your Dreams

Rebecca Turner says that your diet can enhance your dreams. She lists fifteen foods that can improve dream recall, intensity, and lucid dreaming.
Some foods naturally enhance your dreams thanks to their nutrient content. Specifically, we're looking at foods that are rich in vitamin B6 and tryptophan - as both are linked with greater dream recall and intensity.

Although this is not a magic bullet for lucid dreaming (no food or supplement is) you can use this to boost your dream recall and dream vividness. In doing so, this increases your chances of lucidity when paired with some basic techniques like dream journaling and reality checks. Read more

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up

Charles Halt, a former Air Force colonel, accused the U.S. government of a UFO cover-up, during a talk at the National Atomic Testing Museum. I hope he doesn't turn up on the list of murdered whistleblowers.
Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt accused the federal government of a UFO cover-up that involves a secret agency to deal with what might be extraterrestrial visitations.

"I'm firmly convinced there's an agency, and there is an effort to suppress," Halt told an audience of 200 people Saturday night at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum. Read more

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Top 10 Mysterious Monsters of Today

What are the top ten mysterious monsters of today? Here's the list:
Given the rich folklore and ancient mythology, I believe it is safe to assume that mankind has always been fascinated with monsters. Interestingly enough, even though most people nowadays perceive those creatures as pure fiction, it is necessary to mention that their existence was undisputed until two centuries ago.

However, not everyone accepts the unrealism of frightful and mysterious creatures. While the modern creatures are not as fascinating as those of the past, some people strongly believe in their existence, particularly after being witnesses to various inexplicable circumstances. Whether they are real or not one thing is for sure: their anonymity will always hunt us. Let’s meet nowadays’ puzzling creatures in our top 10 list. Read more

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet the Man Who Predicted the Aurora Shooting

Loren Coleman was not as shocked by the Aurora shooting as most people were. He saw it coming.
Loren Coleman may well be a modern-day Cassandra, but when I first happened upon his Twilight Language blog in July – via Christopher Knowles’s frequently fascinating The Secret Sun – I considered it an example of conspiratorial “synchromystic” navel-gazing par excellence. Instantly apparent, for instance, was the seemingly obligatory preoccupation with Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, in this case The Dark Knight Rises. I saw Coleman had done three consecutive posts on the movie – due for its US release the next day – and I browsed through them with a slightly superior air.

 Essentially, it seemed to have caught Coleman’s eye for the same reason it had Rush Limbaugh’s – the “Bane” (as in, the villain) and “Bain” (as in Mitt Romney’s villainous company) homonym. While Coleman had no truck with Limbaugh’s widely ridiculed conspiracy theory that the correspondence was a Democrat propaganda ploy, he appeared to think that the “coincidence” (ahem) warranted scrutiny to an extent that I initially found idiotic. Read more

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Have a Bigfoot Interaction

Ron Morehead gives some tips on how to have a Bigfoot interaction.
This article is meant to help in the understanding of these creatures and to also aid the researcher in feeling at ease in their presence – easier said than done; however, they are not antagonistic.  Even though they live in the wilderness like an animal, they behave more humanistic than an animal, and considering them on that basis is important.  Just as humans have different personalities; these creatures also possess unique individuality.   Some will interact and some won’t. Read more

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The International Space Station: A Magnet for UFO Sightings

The International Space Station has become a magnet for UFO sightings, with videos piling up on YouTube waiting their turn for a reasonable explanation.
UFOs are showing up in a variety of places, allegedly on Mars, around Earth, and even in close proximity to the orbiting International Space Station.

Some space enthusiasts seem to have plenty of time on their hands to look at hours of live camera feeds from the ISS. When they spot something they deem to be unexplained, they instantly post it to YouTube. The videos just keep piling up, waiting their turn for reasonable explanations. Read more

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nessie Sighting on Land: The Harvey-MacDonald Case

Not all sightings of the Loch Ness Monster have been in Loch Ness. Some, such as the Harvey-McDonald case, have been on land.
In the course of emails between like minded Nessie people, I was reminded of this land sighting from 1934 which, like most such cases today, tends to move beneath the radar of modern Internet surfers. My fellow Nessie enthusiast pointed out that the provenance of the original story was the March 3rd 1934 edition of the Glasgow Herald which by a stroke of luck I was able to access and reproduce for your interest below. It is a fascinating story and all the more since the beast was so near to the witnesses. I am trying to think of a sighting that was so close in proximity to the observers but for now such an answer eludes me. Read more

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Entity Files

In this fascinating 27-minute video, parapsychologist Barry Taff discusses the beginning of his career and subsequent involvement in the famous 1970s poltergeist case of Doris Bither, the story of which was adapted into the film The Entity.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed with Words and Frequencies

Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies. Affirmations, anyone?
The human DNA is a biological internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Read more

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UFO Secrets To Be Revealed in September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum

UFO 'secrets' to be revealed this month, says National Atomic Testing Museum. Is this the beginning of or a trial run of UFO disclosure?
In just a few weeks, some kind of UFO-related secrets will be revealed at a Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum.

That's the implied promise in the title of a special lecture coming up at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on Sept. 22.

The secrets haven't yet been revealed, but the players involved certainly present the potential for something intriguing to emerge from this one-night event that's part of the museum's ongoing Area 51 lecture series. Read more

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hoodoo Freezer Spell

If you want to remove a person from your life, this hoodoo spell from Whitetrash may do the "trick."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Australia's Secret UFO Files Released

Why should any UFO files remain secret - especially if they're all supposedly mis-identifications or hallucinations?
It is probably the closest Australia has come to scrambling fighter jets to intercept a UFO.

Documents that have just become available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on the second highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.

The ''X Files'' viewed in Canberra also give details of other unexplained sightings, some of which are supported by witness statements to police. Read more

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New British X-Files Reveal Secret Search to Weaponize Alien Technology

New UFO X-Files released by the United Kingdom National Archieves reveal a desire by the Ministry of Defense to weaponize alien technology.
Newly released X-Files from the United Kingdom's National Archives reveal the role of that country's Ministry of Defense UFO Desk officers, what they actually thought about possible alien visits to Earth and their ideas on harnessing alien technology as a weapon.

There are 25 files, comprising more than 6,700 pages, that include UFO policy, parliamentary questions, media issues, public correspondence and, of course, UFO sighting reports. Overall, more than 10,000 UFO reports came through the special Ministry of Defense unit from 1950 to 2009.

"These are probably the most fascinating and bizarre government files ever made available to the public," said Nick Pope, who was the UFO Desk officer from 1991 to 1994. Read more

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roswell UFO Was Not of This Earth and There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says

An ex-CIA agent says the Roswell UFO was not of this Earth, and there were extraterrestrial cadavers.
Happy anniversary, Roswell, N.M. It was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened.

"It was not a damn weather balloon -- it was what it was billed when people first reported it," said Chase Brandon, a 35-year CIA veteran. "It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don't doubt for a second that the use of the word 'remains' and 'cadavers' was exactly what people were talking about." Read more

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Britain's Atlantis" Found at the Bottom of the North Sea

"Britain’s Atlantis" has been found at the bottom of the North sea - a huge undersea world swallowed by sea in 6500 BC.
‘Britain’s Atlantis’ – a hidden underwater world swallowed by the North Sea – has been discovered by divers working with science teams from the University of St Andrews.

Doggerland, a huge area of dry land that stretched from Scotland to Denmark was slowly submerged by water between 18,000 BC and 5,500 BC.

Divers from oil companies have found remains of a ‘drowned world’ with a population of tens of thousands – which might once have been the ‘real heartland’ of Europe. Read more

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How Much Does Your Soul Weigh?

Does the human soul weight 21 grams? Psychic researcher Jerry Conser is trying to find out.
For at least 100 years, the more oddball branches of science have struggled to answer this metaphysical head-scratcher: How much does the human soul weigh?

In 1907, a Massachusetts doctor named Duncan MacDougall settled on the figure of 21 grams – the average weight loss experienced by six terminal tuberculosis patients he strapped to a scale at the moment of death.

A dozen years ago, an Oregon rancher named Lew Hollander tried to measure the souls of one ram, seven ewes, three lambs and a goat. His findings: The animals actually gained weight as they shook off this mortal coil – anywhere from 18 to 780 grams. Read more

Friday, June 29, 2012

Is SETI at Risk of Downloading a Malicious Virus from Outer Space?

Is SETI at risk of downloading a malicious virus from outer space? Could ET be living *right now* inside the Internet?
We take it for granted that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is a safe endeavor. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with passively searching for interstellar radio signals? Unfortunately, the answer is quite a lot –- especially if the incoming signal contains something malicious, like a computer virus or Trojan horse.

And according to the experts, this isn't just idle speculation – the threat is very real. So, just how concerned to we need to be? Read more

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remember That "UFO" at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea?

Remember that "UFO" at the bottom of the Baltic Sea? The mystery intensifies as divers' electrical devices cut-off when they get near it.
The divers exploring a 'UFO-shaped' object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea say their equipment stops working when they approach within 200m.

Professional diver Stefan Hogerborn, part of the Ocean X team which is exploring the anomaly, said some of the team's cameras and the team's satellite phone would refuse to work when directly above the object, and would only work once they had sailed away.

He is quoted as saying: 'Anything electric out there – and the satellite phone as well – stopped working when we were above the object. Read more

Friday, June 22, 2012

Do It Yourself Ghost Hunting: Getting Started

If watching TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures has made you want to try ghost hunting yourself, James Paradie has some tips for getting started.
Ghost hunting is generally not something hard to get into, and can be relatively cheap. Beginners basically need a few items to get under way and you can find them anywhere, including your home. The most important item would be a standard digital camera. Now, you don’t need to go all out and buy an expensive camera like a Canon PowerShot, most pictures that have evidence are from cameras that you can buy at any department store for a relatively cheap price. Read more

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update: Travis Walton UFO Incident Witness Steve Pierce

Recently, Steve Pierce spoke with Open Minds and gave what he said would be his final interview related to the 1975 Travis Walton UFO incident. Since then an outpouring of encouragement has come from his supporters and friends. Realizing how vital his story is, Steve has made the decision to continue to speak out about what he had witnessed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Is at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea?

A UFO-shaped object has been found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, covered in soot, with little fireplaces, and lying at the end of a 1,000 foot runway.
Sceptics expected that a deep-water dive would debunk the slew of extra-terrestrial theories surrounding an unidentified object sitting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

But the Swedish expedition team that took the plunge surfaced with more questions than answers - and certainly no solution to its origins.

The divers found that the object, which some have likened to the Millennium Falcon because of its unusual round outline, was raised about 10 to 13ft above the seabed and curved in at the sides, giving it a mushroom shape. Read more

Monday, June 4, 2012

Are There Aliens on the Moon?

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner reported seeing five UFOs on the moon in mid-April 2012.
Paul Davies and Robert Wagner report seeing five UFOs on moon in mid April 2012 according to testimony supplied from These astronomers are affiliated with Arizona State University. released this discovery on 12 May 2012.

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner had proposed a search for alien evidence on the surface of the moon in 2011. These astronomers had believed that a detailed study of thousands of photographs taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter might reveal such evidence.

“If it costs little to scan data for signs of intelligent manipulation, little is lost in doing so, even though the probability of detecting alien technology at work may be exceedingly low,” they said. Read more

Monday, May 28, 2012

Aliens Won't Want to Enslave Us, Says World-Famous Alien Hunter

Aliens won't want to enslave us, says astronomer Jill Tarter, former director of the SETI Institute.She doesn't reveal how she knows the psychology of unknown alien species though.
Astronomer Jill Tarter – who stepped down earlier this week as director of the SETI Institute – said today (May 24, 2012) that she disagrees with those who depict extraterrestrials as angry warriors ready to enslave us, or eat us. In a press release from the SETI Institute, announcing their June 2012 SETIcon, Tarter said: Read more

Friday, May 25, 2012

Real Stories of Men in Black

Men in Black was inspired by scary stories of people who've seen UFOs, says Lee Spiegel.
When "Men in Black 3" opens everywhere over Memorial Day weekend, most moviegoers will just be hoping this sequel matches the original for popcorn-munching fun.

But there are many people who say they've been victimized by and live in fear of real MIBs. And those stories, told for decades, are just as terrifying as they are detailed.

Ever since the early 1950s, long before the first "Men in Black" movie hit the silver screen in 1997, men dressed in identical black suits, hats and sunglasses, claiming to be government agents, have reportedly shown up in black cars at the homes or offices of people who reported UFO sightings.

According to those who were paid these unwelcome visits, the MIBs threatened or harassed the eyewitnesses into staying quiet about their UFO encounters. Read more

Friday, May 18, 2012

Remote Viewing Solves Murder

A swindler was convicted of murder in a California court in a case that was solved partly with the help of remote viewing.
When practitioners of paranormal “remote viewing” gather here in June, they will enjoy a little more swagger than in the past.

 Last year, a California court convicted a swindler of murder in a case that was solved partly, the lead police investigator said, with the help of remote viewing, a type of extrasensory perception (ESP) that was studied by the U.S. military starting in the 1970s as a way to gather intelligence. Read more

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Former Army Colonel: UFO Witnesses Need Amnesty

Retired Army Col. John Alexander is seeking amnesty for military personnel who have witnessed UFOs.
If you're in the military and have ever seen what you believe to be a UFO, but were reluctant to mention it for fear of ridicule or, worse, repercussions that might end your career, take heart. Things may change.

A former military insider with top secret clearance who created Advanced Theoretical Physics -- a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFO reports -- has just called on three of the highest-ranking military and intelligence officials in the Obama administration.

Retired Army Col. John Alexander has one goal: to ask Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and National Intelligence Director Gen. James Clapper to offer amnesty to anyone in the military who has been previously sworn to secrecy about UFOs. Read more

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ghosts Pole Dance?

Dead people apparently still enjoy pole dancing in the afterlife. Fortunately, Boston dance instructor Wendy Reardon doesn't mind her ghostly audience.
Wendy Reardon doesn’t just see dead people. She pole dances for them.

The Boston dance instructor says her Boylston Street studio, Gypsy Rose, is haunted by multiple ghosts who come out while she’s working the pole. Wendy will tell her tale of supernatural stripping on the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” Saturday night. Read more

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mayan Calendar Re-Calibrated to Beyond 2012

I hope you haven't quit your job, sold your house, and run up big debts already. A newly unearthed Mayan calendar re-calibrates the end date to beyond 2012.
Archaeologists have found a stunning array of 1,200-year-old Maya paintings in a room that appears to have been a workshop for calendar scribes and priests, with numerical markings on the wall that denote intervals of time well beyond the controversial cycle that runs out this December.

 For years, prophets of doom have been saying that we're in for an apocalypse on Dec. 21, 2012, because that marks the end of the Maya "Long Count" calendar, which was based on a cycle of 13 intervals known as "baktuns," each lasting 144,000 days. But the researchers behind the latest find, detailed in the journal Science and an upcoming issue of National Geographic, say the writing on the wall runs counter to that bogus belief. Read more

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hungry Ghosts:

Contact with "the other side" isn't all "benevolent angels and comforting words from deceased relatives." Michael Prescott explores the dark side of the paranormal.
Years ago, on a whim, a friend led me into a New Age bookstore in Los Angeles. At the time I was a committed rationalist and knew nothing about paranormal phenomena except what I’d read in skeptical, debunking books. Unlike my friend, who found the bookstore’s atmosphere amusing, and who enjoyed pointing out the bizarre titles and covers, I felt distinctly ill at ease. There was something disturbing about being immersed in all that occult literature. I felt as if I’d ventured into unknown territory – dangerous territory. And I was glad to leave.

Later, as I became interested in the paranormal and began to grasp the extent of the evidence for such phenomena, I chalked up my earlier reaction to a form of culture shock. There I was, a rather repressed rationalist, coming into close contact with ideas I found threatening to my worldview. After all, there was nothing actually dangerous about that little bookstore – was there?

Maybe there was. Over the years, as I’ve studied this subject, I’ve encountered a fair number of cautionary tales. People who become unduly interested in psychic phenomena – interested to the point of obsession – can find their mental health deteriorating, their relationships fragmenting, and their social status undermined. Of course, obsession is a bad thing regardless of its focus, but I suspect that it’s easier to become obsessed with the paranormal than with, say, stamp collecting. Something about this field of inquiry tends to draw people in and make them vulnerable to harm. Read more

Friday, May 4, 2012

Is Nessie a Monster or a Ghost?

Is the Loch Ness Monster really a monster, or is it a ghost? Maybe a joint investigation by Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters International is needed.
No less than 250 million years ago, massive and violent changes in the Earth’s crust carved a gigantic rift across a specific area of the landscape of Scotland, which has since become known as the Great Glen. Over countless millennia, the huge, basin-like Glen began to fill with water, and eventually transformed much of the country into an area populated by countless lakes – or lochs, as they are known to the Scots.
And, without doubt, the most famous and mysterious of all those many and varied bodies of water is Loch Ness, the dark and mysterious abode of the legendary long-necked monster dubbed Nessie. In excess of twenty miles long, nearly a mile wide, more than seven hundred feet deep and home to the famous Urquhart Castle – the origins of which date back to the 6th Century - Loch Ness is a distinctly eerie and magical place. Read more

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat People, Strippers, and Telekinesis: Tales from Alien Abductees

New York photographer Steven Hirsch tried to put a human face to alien abductees by meeting, interviewing, and photographing people who claim close contact with extraterrestrials.
Alien abductions make for a good sci-fi plot devices, but it's easy to forget that we walk among people -- in the real world -- who claim to have been visited, beamed up and probed by little gray men.

 New York photographer Steven Hirsch, 63, has met many of these people face to face. He visited this year's International UFO Conference to meet, photograph and interview people who avow close contact with extraterrestrials. Read more

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Jersey Couple Sues over Haunted House

A New Jersey couple is suing their landlord alleging that the house he rented them is haunted. I wonder how they plan to prove their claim in court.
This New Jersey couple is suing their landlord alleging that their landlord rented them a house that is very haunted. Michele Callan and Josue Chinchilla are suing over their $2,250. They left the home on March 11, 2012 claiming they were in “in mortal danger” if they returned. The owner of the house Dr. Richard Lopez who is an orthodontist is counter suing claiming that the house is not haunted and that his tenants are just trying to get out of their monthly rental payments and lease.

 “Frankly, there is something else going on,” Lopez’s lawyer David Semanchik told the Asbury Park Press. “She is a single mom, she has this fiance living with her. I think she is in over her head and she can’t afford the rent." Read more

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunting Bigfoot in Florida

Amanda Petrusich describes her Bigfoot hunting expedition in the Florida Panhandle with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.
A Bigfoot's howl is multidimensional: a deep and undulating whoop that starts low and ends in a high, feral squeal or resolves completely, like a siren. The first time I unleashed one, while crouching on a bluff overlooking the eastern bank of the Apalachicola River, Matt Moneymaker — who, moments earlier, had loosed a robust, commanding shriek that echoed cleanly through the valley — responded with a hearty guffaw.

“I have a cold,” I mumbled by way of an excuse. It was nearly 2 a.m., and we were huddled in the dark in Torreya State Park near Bristol, on the Florida Panhandle. My craggy, toadlike holler did not yield a response. Read more

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Israeli Scientists Search for Gateway to Hell

Israeli scientists are exploring Twins Cave, which ancient people may have believed was a portal to the underworld.
It's an ancient legend: Located in scattered areas of Earth are openings, doorways, gates, if you will, to some unseen underworld, also variously referred to as hell, Hades and Dante's Inferno.

Researchers exploring the famous Twins Cave outside of Jerusalem have uncovered evidence of some pagan rituals, dating back to the Roman Empire, that suggest people may have believed the cave was a portal to this underworld.

Bar-Ilan University archaeologists found 42 clay lamps -- dating to the late Roman period -- in a 70-foot-long vertical shaft inside the cave. It's speculated that the lamps may have been used in ancient rituals between the 2nd and 4th century C.E., to supposedly guide the Greek goddess Demeter into Hades to search for her missing daughter. Read more

Monday, April 16, 2012

Did the Mayans Have Contact with ETs?

A documentary film Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond will show evidence of alien contact in ancient Mexico.
The ancient Mayans had contact with alien visitors who left behind evidence of their existence, according to a new Mexican documentary.

Sundance winner Juan Carlos Rulfo's Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond is currently in production for release next year to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar, reports the Wrap.

Producer Raul Julia-Levy said the documentary-makers were working in cooperation with the Mexican government for what he said was "the good of mankind". He said the order to collaborate had come directly from the country's president, Álvaro Colom Caballeros.

"Mexico will release codices, artefacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists," he said. "The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own – everything we say, we're going to back it up." Read more

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Big Muddy Monster

The Big Muddy Monster aka Murphysboro Mud Monster is a Bigfoot-like creature from the southern part of Illinois.
Around midnight on June 25, 1973, a young couple was parked by a desolate riverside for a romantic interlude when they came face to face with a huge, wet, hairy, mud-slathered monstrosity with a penchant for disturbing teenage lovers.

During two harrowing weeks in the summer of 1973, the rural town of Murphysboro, Illinois became the epicenter of a terrifying series of encounters with a huge, albino beast, which would come to be known as the “Murphysboro Mud Monster” or the “Big Muddy Monster.” Read more

Friday, April 6, 2012

After Almost 40 Years Ex-Military Pilot Reveals Close UFO Encounter

 After almost 40 years, ex-military pilot Larry Jividen reveals a close UFO encounter he had near Pensacola, Florida.
On the night of Feb. 6, 1975, Marine Reserve Squadron Capt. Larry Jividen was piloting a T-39D Sabreliner (see image above) combat trainer and utility aircraft with five Naval officer pilots on board for a special training flight. He didn't know the evening would evolve into a game of "tag" with an unidentified flying object.

Jividen hasn't spoken about that experience from nearly 40 years ago -- until now.

The nine-year Marine Corps officer -- and later commercial airline pilot -- had taken off at twilight for a two-hour roundtrip that began and ended at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla. Read more

Monday, March 26, 2012

Was There a Second Roswell?

Ray Grasse uncovers a new eyewitness account of a crashed vehicle and dead bodies near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, but it's not the same one as we've all heard about before.
…and we looked down and saw these things and I said to myself — it just didn’t register to me. And then all of the sudden I realized what we had seen and I just couldn’t believe it, you know, like it was not happening. And yet it was happening, like it was a dream.” - Irwin Fortman
It’s probably the most discussed UFO event of our time, and has been a source of ongoing controversy even amongst UFO researchers through the years. But is it possible the now-famous incident at the Roswell Air Force Base in July of 1947, where witnesses claimed to have encountered the wreckage of one or more crashed UFO's in the New Mexico desert, was followed just a few months later by a similar incident? As unlikely as that might seem, I’d simply invite the reader to consider the following facts before making up their mind. Read more

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions

Danny Gallagher lists six famous alien abductions, but he leaves out the most famous:  the 1985 alien abduction of Whitley Strieber.
Some say alien abductions are nothing more than fevered, unexplained night visions that make their victims believe they were the guinea pig of an interstellar joyride.

Others believe the stories as cold hard fact, that aliens are using humans to unlock all of the mysteries of the universe, which may or may not have something to do with an ultrasound probe in an uncomfortable place.

Either way, it seems that this strange phenomenon is forever ingrained in our culture. Some of the most infamous cases of UFO abductions have spawned books, films and even serious historical recognition. So since today is “Alien Abduction Day,” we look back at some of those cases that made us scratch our heads as we looked up at the stars. Read more

Friday, March 16, 2012

Buried UFO? Big Metal Object Found In Austria

Is the metallic object found in a hole by Austrian farmer Franz Knoglinger a buried UFO?
An Austrian farmer looking for his lost cat stumbled upon a hole that he thinks might contain the greatest UFO find of all time.

Franz Knoglinger, 47, found the 25-foot-deep, perfectly round hole in northwestern Austrian field while searching for his misplaced kitty Sunday night. He pulled out every investigative trick in the book to learn what was at the bottom.

Throw a rock down the hole? Check.

"I was looking for our family cat Murlimann when I noticed the hole -- I didn't know how deep it was then so I dropped the stone down there, and heard a metallic clunk," he told the Austrian Times. Read more

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

UFO Caught on Tape over Santiago Air Base

A UFO was filmed over z Santiago air force base tailing fighter jets.
Is this the case UFO skeptics have been dreading?

Sightings of mysterious flying craft with capabilities unknown on Earth have confounded mankind throughout recorded history. Most have been convincingly explained away as unfamiliar aircraft, natural phenomena or illusions. But then there are the others, witnessed in our time by pilots and air traffic controllers, military leaders, scientists, law enforcement officers and other trained observers, sometimes with physical evidence, including corroboration on film and video. Read more

Monday, March 12, 2012

Physician Encounters Spirit Communication, Becomes a Medium

Skeptico Host Alex Taskiris interviews Dr. Ian Rubenstein, a physician whose encounter with spirit communication led to him becoming a medium.
Interview with London physician Dr. Ian Rubenstein reveals how one doctor’s encounter with psychic phenomena led to Spiritualist Church mediumship.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Dr. Ian Rubenstein author of, CONSULTING SPIRIT: A Doctor’s Experience with Practical Mediumship. During the interview Rubenstein discusses how he struggled to understand his psychic abilities: Read more

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hawking Is Spreading Disinformation Says Former Canadian Minister of Defense

A former Canadian Minister of Defense says that the U.S. government has been hiding evidence of extraterrestirals for a very long time, and Stephen Hawking is spreading disinformation about extraterrestrial life.
Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense is an outspoken man who has no doubts UFOs are real alien spaceship.

Over the years he has made a number of public interviews and expressed his concern about a future intergalactic war.

Hellyer has also shown his disappointment in Stephen Hawking who according to Hellyer is spreading disinformation about extraterrestrial life.

In an interview on MSNBC, Paul Hellyer stated the U.S. Government has been hiding evidence of extraterrestrials for a very long time. He also said that we might be on the verge of an intergalactic war.

Hellyer fears that if the U.S. military builds a base on the Moon, they will be able to better observe alien spaceships and shoot at them whenever they decide.

Hellyer also points out that there is no evidence to assume that aliens are hostile. Read more

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chupacabras Blamed for Sheep Deaths in Mexico

A chupacabras with fangs, claws, and wings is being blamed for 35 sheep deaths in Paracuaro, Mexico. 
Did a legendary chupacabras kill 35 sheep in the Mexican town of Paracuaro? That's what local citizens want to know as they ponder the mysterious deaths of their farm animals.

According to the UFO Chronicles website, the Mexican state Michoacan's Diario ABC reported that the unfortunate sheep were slain in the wee hours of March 1 with their bodies displaying claw and tooth injuries, especially under the neck.

One man who was looking after the sheep in their pens said he saw the creature responsible for the attacks. He reportedly said it had fangs, claws and wings. Read more

Monday, March 5, 2012

Does the Spear of Destiny Actually Exist?

The Spear of Destiny (also known as the Holy Lance, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Longinus or Spear of Christ) is the name given to the spear that pierced Jesus' side as he hung on the cross in John's account of the Crucifixion. Does the Spear of Destiny actually exist? Keith Veronese discusses the history of the legend.
A spear with a mystical background gives the one wielding it powers to bend the destiny of the world to his or her will. It sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but truth is far more bizarre in this case, as the legend of the Spear of Destiny contains a poison pill clause — once the spear leaves the possession of a ruler, the individual dies within a matter of days.

Kings and dictators sought out a legendary spear that pierced the heart of Jesus of Nazareth, deemed the Spear of Destiny, with several different artifacts laying claim to the name over the centuries. Are any of the relics real? Is there any hope that the authentic Spear of Destiny is floating around somewhere? Read more

Friday, March 2, 2012

Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel is a natural ability that develops as we become more present in our daily lives. Gigi shares two techniques and a mantra that can help condition your consciousness to have astral adventures.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dog-Headed Pig Monster Sighted In Namibia

A "dog-headed pig monster" has been sighted by Namibian villagers.
Some say it's a witch doctor, a warlock, or a work of black magic. Others say it's a hybrid animal somewhere between a dog and a pig. But whatever it is, residents in Namibia are saying the strange creature they've seen wreaking havoc on their villages is nothing they've ever encountered before, according to the website Life's Little Mysteries. Read more

Monday, February 27, 2012

Has Spring-Heeled Jack Returned?

Spring-heeled Jack was thought to be a nineteenth century urban legend, but a recent sighting calls that into question.
Spring-heeled Jack, the legendary bogeyman familiar to students of British folklore, has been invoked by news of an extraordinary experience with a road ghost in Surrey.

Scott Martin and his family told the Surrey Comet they were confronted by a ‘dark figure with no features’ that vaulted over a dual carriageway and over a 15ft bank whilst on a taxi ride home late on Tuesday, 14 February.

The experience left Scott, his wife and four-year-old son Sonny shocked whilst the taxi-driver ‘admitted he didn’t want to drive back alone’ along the Ewell bypass near Epsom afterwards. Read more

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nicholas Cage Inspired by Alchemy and Shamanism

Although actor Nicholas Cage may not be a vampire, apparently he is interested in the occult.
Earth’s history is rich with alchemists—Albertus Magnus, Hermes Trismegistus, Nicolas Flamel, Isaac Newton, Aleister Crowley, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Paracelsus, John Dee, Terrence McKenna and even Carl Jung. Alchemy was a proto-science that paved the way for modern science (chemistry, modern medicine, physics) but also had a spiritual, shamanistic aspect.

This is not to say that alchemists and shamans were and are officially coterminous, only that they both aspire to a better understanding of existence through various means: mysticism, magic, study, and drugs (which we know shamans have done, though whether Alchemists ever did is uncertain). In fact, McKenna attempted to synthesize alchemy with shamanism in various lectures, and described alchemists as pursuing a “magical theory of nature” (like Shamans) in the film “The Alchemical Dream.”

What does any of this have to do with Nicolas Cage? Well, it seems that Cage dabbles in alchemical and shamanistic techniques. Read more

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Did Otherworldly Music Inspire Stonehenge?

Did otherworldly music inspire Stonehenge? Researcher Steven Waller proposes another theory about the stone circle's purpose.
Five thousand years ago, so the legend goes, two pipers played in a field while a circle of merry maidens danced around them. Then they all turned to stone, leaving Stonehenge to mystify us for millennia. Other theories about the stone circle's purpose include an alien observatory, a burial site and an acoustic stadium.

Here at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Vancouver, Canada, archaeoacoustician Steven Waller - an independent researcher based in La Mesa, California - threw yet another idea into the mix. The stone circle, he says, may have been inspired by an auditory illusion that occurs when two identical instruments, such as pipes, play the same note at the same time. A person walking in a circle around the pipers hears the note's volume decrease at certain points where the two sound waves collide and cancel one another out. At these spots, it sounds as though a giant pillar is blocking the sound. Read more

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nessie Sonar Sighting Wins £1000 Prize

A sonar sighting of a large mystery object wins the £1000 prize for the Best Nessie Sighting of the Year.
A sonar image of a large mystery object deep below the surface of Loch Ness has netted boat skipper Marcus Atkinson the Best Nessie Sighting of The Year Award — the first time in several years it has been presented by bookmaker William Hill.

The photograph, claimed by at least one seasoned Nessie spotter to the conclusive evidence of a creature, was a late contender in the contest which has been dormant following several lean years of close encounters with the loch’s most famous resident.

However, 2011 proved to be a bumper year with three “good” sightings reported to the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club which first launched the competition in conjunction with the bookmaker in the 1990s. Read more

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Myth of Million Dollar Challenge

Paranormal "skeptics" like to claim that the fact the nobody has passed the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge proves that paranormal abilities do not exist. However, Greg at The Daily Grail reveals how the Million Dollar Challenge is rigged against the challengers.
For ten years, the modern skeptical movement has wielded a cudgel against claims of the paranormal: the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge. In many debates over the possibility of psi abilities, the Challenge provides a final word for one side... [Randi's Million] "has so-and-so applied for the Challenge?" The financial reward offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation is seen by many skeptics as providing an irresistible motivation for anybody with paranormal ability - after all, if someone could genuinely exhibit such powers, surely they would step forward to take the million?

However, after ten years, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) says nobody has even got past their preliminary testing. Furthermore, none of the 'big fish' - medium John Edward, spoon-bender Uri Geller, psychic Sylvia Browne - have applied (although Sylvia Browne did accept James Randi's direct challenge on Larry King Live, without going any further). And now, perhaps as a result of that fact, James Randi has announced that the Challenge will come to an end in two years, on March 6th, 2010.

But does the challenge really make a statement about the existence of the paranormal and/or psi abilities? According to paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach (who, like Randi, is a member of the magic fraternity): Read more

Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Report Paranormal Activity

If you experience paranormal activity, here's a guide to reporting it to investigators.
Reporting paranormal activity is a touchy subject in an evolving society where some folks want the experiences to just go away and some seem to enjoy the intrusion and actually promote its continuation.

The paranormal is never black or white - but the two extremes might be a family who has encountered odd circumstances in a new residence and have actually become afraid of the events - to a more public venue like a restaurant or hotel which seems to draw patrons who choose to get up close to those seemingly otherworldly events. Read more

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Lies of Fatima

The apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima in origin had nothing to do with prophecies or, indeed, the Virgin Mary, says Philip Coppens. However, he says, through a series of manipulations, the Church created one of the most elaborate lies, which formed the backdrop of major political events.
In the last two centuries, the Church has made apparitions of the Virgin Mary an evermore important part of the Christian religious experience and doctrine. Some critics argue the popularity of the Catholic Faith is largely maintained by the popularity of the Virgin Mary. The so-called “Marian Era”, i.e. the period when the Virgin Mary began to appear and offer messages to those that saw her, began in the early 19th century, with a series of apparitions, of which Lourdes is no doubt the most famous. But the most intriguing apparition occurred in the early 20th century, in the Portuguese hamlet of Fatima.
The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared at Fatima six times, starting on May 13, 1917, with a final apparition on October 13, 1917, when she performed a great sun miracle, “which all shall see so that they may believe”. On the second or third apparition, the three young witnesses were allegedly given three secrets by the Virgin Mary. Two secrets were revealed in subsequent years, but the so-called “Third Secret of Fatima” was kept secret by the Vatican for almost a century. As a result, there was endless speculation about the nature and its importance. Rightfully so, as the Second Secret was linked with major political events of the 20th century. But what if all of these “secrets” were fabricated by the Vatican, for political and religious reasons?

The Secrets of the Virgin Read more

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UFO Contact in Argentina: The Amelia Case

Guillermo D. Gimenez explores the Amelia Case, a UFO contact incident, which took place in Necochea, Argentina.
On February 4, 1988 a strange circle measuring over a meter and a half in diameter, covered in fungi, was found at a private residence located across from the Miguel Lillo Park of the city of Necochea. The grass within the circle was much darker and overgrown than usual.

Mr. Basilio Lichowski, 63, noticed the strange circle in his summer home. “The first thing that surprised me was to see toadstools at this time of the year. Nothing like it had ever happened before, and I tore one out to show my wife, who pointed out how strange it all was.”

The perfect outline of the circle should be stressed. According to Lichowski himself, “it’s as though someone had used a compass to draw it.”

The couple has spent summers in Necochea for over 20 years. They reported no strange sounds in the night, nor did anything unusual attract their attention. But things weren’t over yet. Read more

Monday, February 6, 2012

Are Parnormal Skeptics Conducting a Modern-Day Witch Hunt?

Brendan O'Neill says that the hounding of the medium "Psychic Sally" is becoming a modern-day witch-hunt. 
Once upon a time, the great and the good, usually men of the cloth, hunted and persecuted women who were believed to have mystical powers. Today, the great and the good, usually men of science, go after women who don’t have mystical powers but who claim to. Decent society once hounded witches; now it hounds pseudo-witches.

So it is with Sally Morgan, otherwise known as “Psychic Sally”, former adviser on supernatural matters to Princess Diana, self-styled communicator with the dead, and now hate-figure-in-chief to the rationalist, sceptical set. Judging from the slurry of ridicule dumped on Morgan by certain writers and activists over the past year, you could be forgiven for thinking she was single-handedly responsible for the spread of stupidity in modern Britain. She “preys” on her “vulnerable audiences”, we are told, talking “a load of crystal balls”, making the “gullible” and “lonely” believe in stuff that isn’t true. Some serious science writers even want to institute annual Sally-bashing get-togethers for clever, scientifically minded people, to which Morgan will be invited, so that she can perform her tricks, but obviously she won’t turn up and then she can be mocked even more! What larks! Read more

Friday, February 3, 2012

20 Top Predictions for Life 100 years from Now

Although predictions about the future are fun to read, their record for accuracy is generally pretty poor.
Last week we asked readers for their predictions of life in 100 years time. Inspired by ten 100-year predictions made by American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins in 1900, many of you wrote in with your vision of the world in 2112.

Many of the "strange, almost impossible" predictions made by Watkins came true. Here is what futurologists Ian Pearson (IP) and Patrick Tucker (PT) think of your ideas.

1. Oceans will be extensively farmed and not just for fish (Jim 300)
IP: Likelihood 10/10. We will need to feed 10 billion people and nature can't keep up with demand, so we will need much more ocean farming for fish. But algae farming is also on the way for renewable energy, and maybe even for growth of feedstock (raw materials) or resource extraction via GM seaweed or algae.

PT: Good chance. According to Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at the Nasa Langley Research Center, saltwater algae that's been genetically modified to absorb more nitrogen from the air than conventional algae could free up to 68% of the fresh water that is now tied up in conventional agriculture. This water could go to thirsty populations. Read more

Friday, January 27, 2012

About Those Missing Roswell Files

Nick Redfern says that the issue of the missing Roswell files is undeniably interesting and deeply worthy of further study, scrutiny, and investigation.
On July 28, 1995, the General Accounting Office's report on the Roswell affair surfaced from its National Security and International Affairs Division. And although the GAO's report did not provide any smoking-guns - or, rather, any old B&W photos of dead bodies and wreckage at the crash-site on the Foster Ranch, New Mexico - it did provide something interesting and controversial. And it's something that has been misinterpreted for years.

During the course of their search for records to try and better understand what had taken place at Roswell in early July 1947, the GAO learned that the entire outgoing messages from Roswell Army Air Field generated during the period that the event occurred were missing, and under circumstances that could not be fully determined and proved.

This, inevitably and very understandably, led certain Roswell researchers to proclaim that this was evidence of a significant event of UFO proportions having occurred, and which certain elements of officialdom were determined to keep forever hidden from the populace, the media, and the UFO research community - and possibly, even, from anyone else in government who might dare to come looking, such as investigators of the GAO.

And, maybe, that's precisely what happened.

But...the story is not quite as straightforward as that. Read more

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

Mount Shasta is one of those fabled, legendary locations where mysterious tales have been handed down since before time as we know it began. Tim Swarz discusses the mysteries of Mt. Shasta.
One cannot help but be impressed when first seeing Mt. Shasta. It is a massive and imposing mountain that dominates the landscape for many miles around it. For many people, the mountain also seems to dominate their very inner being with a siren call that stretches out across invisible astral pathways drawing them in through time and space.

This psychic connection between man and mountain has existed as long as their have been people living in the area around the mountain. The major indigenous peoples of this area were the Shastans, Achumawi, Atsugewi, Wintu, and Modoc. These peoples all lived within the mountain’s influence. The Achumawi and Atsugewi called the mountain "Yet," the Wintu referred to it as "Behem Puyok," the Modoc identified Mt. Shasta as "Melaikshi," and the Shasta people called the mountain Withassa, or Wai-i-ki. Read more

Friday, January 13, 2012

Meditation for Developing Psychic Powers and Abilites

The great Kundalini Yoga meditation technique is known for bestowing psychic powers and abilities. Although, it the goal of yoga and meditation is not the attainment of psychic powers, if you are interested in those, then this meditation is worth trying. It uses the power of mantra to open the Third Eye chakra, which is the seat of psychic abilities. Clairvoyance and such abilities to see the future, are often associated with the practice of this meditation.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Review of the Top Paranormal Events of 2011

Stephen Wagner reviews the top paranormal events of 2011. 
2011 WAS ANOTHER incredible year for the paranormal. There were ghost sightings, ghost pictures and video, dozens of Bigfoot sightings and lots of alleged Bigfoot videos. There were also sightings of Mothman, the Loch Ness Monster and other crypto-creatures. There were reports of psychic phenomena, work by psychic detectives, stories of exorcisms and miracles... and a lot more, as you'll see in this roundup of the entire year. Read more

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Usually, I don't believe anything the government says, but I'm going to make an exception in this case. 
Forget Kenya. Never mind the secret madrassas. The sinister, shocking truth about Barack Obama’s past lies not in east Africa, but in outer space. As a young man in the early 1980s, Obama was part of a secret CIA project to explore Mars. The future president teleported there, along with the future head of Darpa.

That’s the assertion, at least, of a pair of self-proclaimed time-traveling, universe-exploring government agents. Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings insist that they once served as “chrononauts” at Darpa’s behest, traversing the boundaries of time and space. They swear: A youthful Barack Obama was one of them. Read more

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blackbirds Rain Down Again on Same Arkansas Town

Blackbirds fall from the sky again over "damned" Arkansas town. There may be a natural explanation for this, but it's still weird.
Thousands of blackbirds again rain down upon the same damn Arkansas town

Or should I say "damned" Arkansas town. Last year, Beebe, Arkansas experienced a massive blackbird die-off that captured a perplexed populace's attention. The deaths were later chalked up to confused birds colliding as fireworks went off. This year, blackbirds once again rained from the sky, showering the citizens of Beebe with a necrotic avian rain. Read more