Thursday, January 14, 2010

Accessing and Using Your Psychic Mind

Humans' native and natural intuitive and psychic abilities, which at one time were literally part and parcel of what and who we were, have actually "devolved," Doc Edwards says, thus creating a sort of "de-evolution." So how can we access them?
... I'm sure that almost everyone, at one time or another, has heard the familiar statement that "people only use ten per cent of their brain capacity," which is just another way of restating the evolutionary problem; though, most people assume this statement to mean that the great majority of us only use ten percent of our intelligence. Now, while the truth of the lessening of our intelligence can be substantiated easily by anyone willing to invest just a little time in finding some out of the way, obscure place at almost any mall, just to sit and watch for awhile how most humans behave in public, still we are left with nagging, unanswered questions: "Where is the other ninety-percent?" and "What does that ninety-percent consist of?" Read more

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