Thursday, May 27, 2010

True Stories of Ghosts, Monsters, and Other Weirdness in Every State

If you think that paranormal phenomena only happens "somewhere else," think again. Stephen Wagner has assembled a list of true stories of ghosts, monsters, and other weirdness in every state.

Smoke entity. Around 1995 in Talladega, Alabama, Kathy J. encountered an extraordinary phenomenon right out of the TV series Lost; but this occurred long before the TV show was created. One morning at around 5 a.m., Kathy awoke to the sound of heavy breathing coming from the other end of her house. "I heard the breathing coming closer to my bedroom," she says. "I knew nothing had come into my house that night because the burglar alarm would have gone off if there had been. This being came into my bedroom. Of course, I was scared out of my mind, but I had to see what it was. I glanced up at it and it was like dark smoke in the form of a man. Its face was completely black and it was looking at me. It smelled like a fire pit. I lay there scared to move with my eyes closed now, and I felt it sit down on my bed. I began to pray that this thing would leave my home, and after a few minutes I felt it get up off the bed and it proceeded to go back the way it came in." Sorry, but that is much scarier than the Lost Smoke Monster. Read more

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