Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can You Capture Ghosts and Spirits on Camera?

Paranormal researcher Todd Daigneault says that it is possible to capture ghosts and spirits on camera.
As a multi-decade researcher into the paranormal, I have photographed a number of paranormal photos, starting in 1983 with a pic taken of the ceiling showing a horned head coming through. That same year, I took another photo of a series of pyramids I constructed out of aluminium foil, showing radiant beams coming out of their apexes. In 1986, my camera snapped a photo of my residential sliding door. The flash did not go off for some reason. It became very apparent to me why after I received the developed photo. The image showed beams of radiant light pouring from a ghostly image of a church, with non-human looking faces flying overhead. It included a series of skeletal-looking, human ghosts clustered around it-with human-cellular looking objects, connected by wires or lines, draped over their faces. Each had a distinct human-looking face, including one with glasses. Read more

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