Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Von Daniken’s Mistake

Doug Yurchey says that Erich Von Daniken made a crucial mistake when he developed his "ancient astronauts" theory: Von Daniken was right that the Egyptians had help building the pyramids, but, according to Yurchey, it wasn't aliens who helped. It was Atlanteans.
This writer (Yurchey), which once strongly embraced the idea that aliens account for the fantastic enigmas and grand achievements in prehistory, realized that the true answer was even more incredible. The mistake made by proponents of the ’Ancient Astronaut’ hypothesis is they diminish the phenomenal stonework created by the human race with advanced equipment. A. A. theorists denigrate what our ancestors achieved by unbelievable, technical means.

Von Daniken must maintain early humankind was primitive and that archeology books are ’right on the money’ for his viewpoint to ring true. If we were primitive during the so-called ’Stone Age,’ then the construction of pyramids, cutting and transporting huge monoliths would be impossible. We would need ’help’ and ’assistance.’ Since so many pyramids and alignments of great megaliths indicate/incorporate vast astronomical knowledge, then it is sensible that we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrials. Read more
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