Thursday, August 26, 2010

The World's Top 10 Weird Towns

Fortean Times profiles the world's top ten weird towns, including Mock Middle England, Battleship Island, and a town populated entirely by dwarves. Even though, there's nothing paranormal about these town, they're definitely weird!
News this week that southern Sudan is to rebuild its cities in the shape of animals and fruit; Chinese developers plan to construct an imitation CadaquƩs, the Costa Brava port that was once home to Salvador Dali, in Xiamen Bay. And these visionaries are by no means the first to get all creative with urban planning. Some schemes are never more than castles in the air, others get built but are demolished by practical-minded authorities (farewell Walled City, we mourn you Sanzhi UFO houses), but nevertheless the world is strewn with fantastical follies, themed towns and surreal cityscapes. Here's our top ten. Read more

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