Monday, November 1, 2010

Does Bigfoot Live Underground?

Is Bigfoot a subterranean species? If it is, that could explain why they are not spotted more often and are able to vanish so easily.
Could Bigfoots spend a significant portion of their lives underground and only surface briefly when a few lucky people see them or capture glimpses of them on video? It would certainly explain why we don't see them during the coldest months in the most northern regions and it migth explain how they "vanish" so easily -- they know where the nearest cave entrance is, and we don't. and v

Possible Correlations to Bigfoot and Other Subterranean Species:

Bigfoots have "night vision": or can see a wider spectrum of light. This is true of other subterranean species and necessary in dark caves.

Eyeshine: might also be a way of communicating non-verbally in the darkness of caves. Is it friend or foe? The color of the eyes would tell a Bigfoot underground what's ahead. Read more


Anonymous said...

The idea that Bigfoot lives underground is plausable. For one thing the entrances to undergroung passages are probably unknown in certain parts of the wilderness areas where sightings occour around the planet. The may burry their dead underground as well. Water and food are underground and the night vision could have developed from living underground over the centuries. However, the hunter gatherer traits keep them on the move and the appearance of Bigfoot is not indicitave of living in darkeness underground. Suggest that they spend the majority of their time migrating and perhaps their ability to elude is indicative of their agility/strength and instinct as a muscular, intelligent species. Their avoidance of humans most likely has to do with a sense of self preservation. This type of healthy size and strength is only possible due to the fact they eat raw like bears and apes. Their brains are above all other primates in intelligence. They would have the full package in wit and resolve to move far quickly.

joe said...

absolutely, im convincd they even have some sort of basic underground shelter under large downed trees..i recently photographed an adolescent aged sasquatch in the trunk of a treeand sent it to perhaps two of the best experts on the topic and they said "could be" instead of a complete dismissal...besides their intelligence and advanced cmoulflage skill i think an underground network makes the most sense.