Friday, May 4, 2012

Is Nessie a Monster or a Ghost?

Is the Loch Ness Monster really a monster, or is it a ghost? Maybe a joint investigation by Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters International is needed.
No less than 250 million years ago, massive and violent changes in the Earth’s crust carved a gigantic rift across a specific area of the landscape of Scotland, which has since become known as the Great Glen. Over countless millennia, the huge, basin-like Glen began to fill with water, and eventually transformed much of the country into an area populated by countless lakes – or lochs, as they are known to the Scots.
And, without doubt, the most famous and mysterious of all those many and varied bodies of water is Loch Ness, the dark and mysterious abode of the legendary long-necked monster dubbed Nessie. In excess of twenty miles long, nearly a mile wide, more than seven hundred feet deep and home to the famous Urquhart Castle – the origins of which date back to the 6th Century - Loch Ness is a distinctly eerie and magical place. Read more

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