Saturday, December 22, 2012

Was A 5,000 Year Old Vimana Unearthed in Afghanistan?

Military scientists allege something powerful and mysterious was found in a cave in Afghanistan. Some say it is the first discovery of a Vimana, an ancient flying machine that may be extraterrestrial.
The idea of ancient aliens, ancient UFOs, and ancient astronauts have often skirted around depictions of Vimanas, elaborate dirigibles from India that supposedly predated modern technology. In the Sanskrit texts “Vimanas” refer to religious temples.

Interpretations of what these temples actually were run the gamut from interstellar spaceships to early prototypes of airplanes. Some scholars maintain these images and stories of space battles simply attest to the powers of the imagination (and even science fiction) thriving early on in human history. Other scholars say that these Sanskrit texts and other early historical documents suggest the Vimanas were either alien spaceships or aircrafts built by humans based on directives from alien ‘gods’. Read more

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Jason said...

I find this really very interesting. A friend toldd me about this a few months ago and knowing are government's prediliction for supressing technology,ancieent and otherwise, I can buy that something of great import was found.