Monday, August 12, 2013

Is This the Week that Organized Skepticism Imploded?

Lately, several dogmatic materialists, aka skeptics, have had some "skepticism being applied to their own actions and pronouncements, and a number of them are being revealed for the pretenders they are." (Lots of informative links at the end for those who are unaware of what frauds some of these "skeptics" are.)
For many years on this site I've critiqued the demagogic tendencies of a number of the 'leaders' of the modern skeptical movement (see the bottom of this post for some links). I've often faced resistance (and sometimes hostility) from card-carrying skeptics for pointing out the foibles of these so-called champions of science, and the dangers of having such people as figureheads of a movement dedicated to truth and reason - but I had no inkling that in the space of just a few short years the reputations of a number of them would begin coming undone at their own hands. Read more

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