Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Men in Black Encounters: A Short Catalog

The Men in Black are a fascinating part of the UFO phenomenon. Gareth J. Medway has compiled a short catalog of MIB encounters.
The following list cannot be complete, but it does I think include all of the well-known cases, and many little-known ones. Obviously, nearly every entry should include the word ‘allegedly’ or ‘supposedly’, but I have generally omitted them as they would get too repetitive, though their presence should be assumed. References are to the particular editions of books that I have consulted – for clarification, John Keel’s Visitors from Space is the 1976 British edition of the work better known by its original title of The Mothman Prophecies. Suggestions for additions and amendments to this catalogue are welcome. Please send to pelicanist@rocketmail.com. Read more

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