Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mental Influence: The Empty Chair Technique

The Empty Chair Technique is a technique first developed in Gestalt therapy. It is most often used with cases of interpersonal conflict. The therapist asks the patient to imagine a person sitting in an empty chair in the room. This imaginary person is the one with whom the patient has some sort of emotional issue. The patient is asked to speak out on the topic of conflict. The success rate of this counseling method is quite high.

The Empty Chair Technique is not only effective for psychotherapy, but also for mental influence. Mental influence is one-way telepathic communication between a sender for the purpose of influencing the receiver to believe or do what the sender desires. It is effective because the receiver doesn't realize that he or she is being influenced and assumes that the feelings and thoughts they have are their own. That makes it more likely that they will act on them.

When the Empty Chair Technique is used for mental influence, the person who is being influenced is transmitted to while they are sleeping. This allows a more direct access to the person's subconscious mind since the conscious mind is asleep. and can't object. The person is visualized as sitting in a chair in front of you, listening attentively to your commands.

To perform the technique, sit in front of an empty chair and think of someone whom you want to influence. Get the image of that person in your mind and then imagine that person sitting in the chair in front of you. This may take some time for you to master, so be patient. Try to see this person as solidly as you can, but don't be disappointed if all you see is a shadowy form. Most of the time that will be sufficient for this technique to work.

Build up the image of the person before you as vividly as possible. Begin to speak to it, softly, compellingly, as if the person were actually there. If you know something about hypnosis, speak to the person as though you were putting him into a deep, hypnotic state. Give him a command, and a time frame in which to complete the assigned task.

You will find out if the message was received when the person completes the assignment within the appointed time. For the best results, begin with minor commands and build up to major ones. As with hypnotic suggestion, the subject is likely to resist commands that are embarrassing or harmful. Resistance can be overcome, but it usually takes time and effort. Don't try to creat a Manchurian Candidate in your first attempts with mental influence.

As with all mental influence, the Empty Chair Technique works best on people who are known to you. They're easier to visualize, and you already have a psychic connection to them, however tenuous. The method can work with strangers, but your success rate will be lower, at least at first.

The Empty Chair Technique has two advantages over visualizing inside your head. First of all, the empty chair gives you something to focus on, which many people need to maintain their concentration. Secondly, it moves your visualization from inside your head to the physical world, which is where you want your commands to be carried out. There are many methods of mental influence, but the Empty Cahir Technique is one of the most effective.

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