Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 50 Creepiest Places on Earth

Door to Hell in Turkmenistan is just one of the 50 creepiest places on earth.
The earth is dotted with magical landscapes and fairy-tale destinations but it is also home to eerie places that are straight out of nightmares (or very, very strange dreams) — from a forest of spooky, crooked trees to an island inhabited by thousands of venomous snakes.

And while some of the mysterious sights featured in the slideshow above were man-made (Mexico's spooky Island of Dolls was created as a memorial to a young girl who drowned), many were formed by Mother Nature herself. The UNESCO-protected Tsingy de Bemahara Strict Nature Reserve, for example, boasts a rare, geological phenomena — karstic landscapes and limestone uplands cut into impressive "tsingy" peaks and a "forest" of limestone needles. The nightmarish, rocky spires are razor-sharp and needle-like, known to cut through flesh and equipment easily. Only a few scientists have dared to travel to the area to conduct detailed research. Read more

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