Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Was Atlantis in Antarctica?

Chris Condon explores the evidence that points to the lost city of Atlantis having been located on the peninsula of Lesser Antarctica.
The continent of Antarctica has been in the news. This does not happen very often. Home to only a handful of temporary residents and mostly covered by ice, Antarctica has little about it to attract the attention of the rest of the world. But Russian scientists have been doing some important scientific work there. They drilled through the massive layer of ice covering Greater Antarctica, and on February 5, 2012, made it all the way down to Lake Vostok, an ancient lake unknown to modern man. There may be many surprises yet to come because our knowledge about Antarctica is still very scant. After all, modern man did not discover Antarctica until 1818, and even then had no idea what land features lay beneath the ice until scientific advances made this possible in 1958. Read more

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