Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not All "Demons" Are Demonic

When reading about magic and witchcraft, you are sure to come across self-described occult "experts" warning about the dangers contacting or summoning "demons." However, it's important to realize that not all demons are necessarily demonic..
Hearing the word "demon" tends to conjure up images of bizarre creatures with red, or black skin that is reptilian, or slimy. It brings to mind things with horns, tusks, glowing eyes, and razor-sharp claws. People hear the word "demon", and instantly cringe, imagining horrid creatures from their worst nightmares torturing humans—or their souls—for all eternity.

Reality is far more complicated; not to mention more colorful. Reading the lore on demons tells us that, yes, some of them will appear the way most people tend to expect them to. Stereotypes exist for reasons, right? Some demons are said to manifest as serpents—sometimes with human heads, and features. Others are said to appear as armored knights riding giant wolves, dragons, or other beasts. Some appear armed with huge broadswords. Some manifest looking a great deal like the devils of stories. Some will only appear at night. Read more

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