Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wisdom from YouTube Sex Magic Practitioners

Although the tone is snarky, and the writer is wrong about Aleister Crowley being the originator of sex magic, this is a good sampling of YouTube videos about the topic.
You end up going down some pretty interesting YouTube wormholes writing for Nerve. I began to research sex magic, which is a term that has come to mean a broad range of intimate New Age techniques meant to harness the energy lost in sexual intercourse into positive real world results. It goes something like this: If you breathe correctly and climax at the same time as your partner while both thinking the same things, then your dreams will come true and you will have the greatest mind blowing sex off all time. Sure there’s ton’s of people on the internet ready to make you the next 8 hour Sting-like sex god, but there’s more to Sex Magic than cumming in downward dog while you and your girlfriend envision a yacht. Read more

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