Friday, May 8, 2015

A Simple Evocation Ritual

Evocation is the act of summoning a spirit. The spirit may be an angel, demon, god or goddess, or some other entity. Usually, the purpose of an evocation is to ask the spirit to perform a task. The evocation rituals in the famous magical grimoires, such as The Goetia, are not only complex, but also require hard-to-obtain magical tools and clothing. While that is certainly one way to summon a spirit, it is not the only way. You do not have to evoke a spirit to physical appearance in order for it to carry out a task for you.  A simple evocation ritual can be used to attract a spirit to fulfill a request.

You will need:
  • Sigil of the spirit
  • Pendulum to use to communicate with the spirit  A pendulum is by far the easiest method of divination to learn. If you don't know how to use a pendulum, here is a tutorial.
  • A piece of paper with a circle on it large enough to contain the sigil
  • White candle
Write your request (making sure there is no room for misinterpretation). Include a time limit Many if not most spirits are not totally clued in to the details of human life, so using terms such as "June 21" or "9 pm" may not mean much to the spirit. It's better to say "by the summer solstice" or "at sunset.".

Draw or print the spirit's sigil and a 3" x 3" piece of paper or card. Then write your request on the back along with your name or the name of the person the request is for. .Draw or print a circle large enough to contain the sigil on the sheet of paper.

Light the candle and then turn off any artificial lights. Hold the sigil and gaze at it. While gazing at the sigil, chant the spirit's name until you feel someone is standing behind you. Do not turn around. To do so will cause the connection to be broken. Just know that it the spirit is in the room and that it will perform the task you have for it.

Lay the sigil on the paper inside the circle. Holding your pendulum over the sigil, ask:
(Name of spirit), are you with me?
If the answer is no or no response, go back to gazing and chanting. If you do not get a yes the second time, give up for that attempt.

If you get a positive response, say:
Welcome, (name of spriit). Thank you for answering my call.
Then go on to your request. Tell the spirit your request, and then using your pendulum, ask the spirit if it understands your request, If you get a no, try re-phrasing the request until you get a yes. If you do not get a yes, thank and dismiss the spirit.

Next, ask the spirit is it is able to fulfill your request. (You may have selected the wrong spirit for the task you have in mind). If you get a no, thank and dismiss the spirit.

Finally, ask the spirit if it is willing to fulfill your request. If it says no, ask if it wants a reward or payment for its services. If you do not know anything about rewarding spirits, you will need to thank and dismiss the spirit at this point if it does. If you do know about rewarding spirits, use your pendulum to determine what the spirit wants. Do not promise anything that you are not able and willing to give..

Once you and the spirit have reached agreement, repeat your request (and the agreed upon payment if any) and that you expect 100 percent results with no harm to anyone. Using your pendulum, ask the spirit if it agrees. If you get a no, use your pendulum to determine what the problem is. If you do not get a yes, thank and dismiss the spirit. If the spirit does confirm the agreement, say:
(Name of spirit), go now and do as I have asked with harm to no one. Go in peace with peace always between us. You may leave. This is my will, and my will be done.
Carry or hide the sigil as a talisman until your request is fulfilled or the time limit is over.

If you got what you asked for, pay the offering if one was promised. If the operation was unsuccessful, either repeat the ritual (the spirit may just need more time), or try something else.

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