Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Does New FBI Memo Prove THREE Crashes at Roswell?

A new FBI memo suggests that there may have been THREE crashes at Roswell, NewMexico.
A UFO museum that opened in Japan in 1994 was apparently the subject of Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny when it opened, according to recent Freedom of Information Access requests.

Employees at Hakui Centre for UFO Research came across what is known as the Hottel Memo while preparing a library of over 10,000 documents, that were to be the main attraction of the museum. The file -- which has otherwise been available since 1970 -- has come to light again, after further FOIA requests have uncovered that the FBI had opened a new investigation in the mid-nineties, over concerns regarding what other information might have been revealed by the Hakui Centre's exhibit. Read more

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