Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to Win Yourself a Man Using Witchcraft, According to a 1973 Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan wouldn't dare run an article like this nowadays, but it's interesting to read something from when times were freer.
Are you a woman who's unusually outspoken? Peculiarly bossy? Preternaturally clever? Is anything about you special or extraordinary in any way? Are you single?
Face it: You're probably a witch.

Why not unlock your inner hellcat and fix yourself up with a nice, unsuspecting man? Or extract your revenge on a mean, unbearable one? The secret to everlasting love or sweet vindication is simply your own willingness to embrace the darkness rooted deep within your heart.

Thanks to a May 1973 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, we have at our disposal the ancient spellbinding recipes of our enchantress forebears, neatly documented in a listicle. A full five magical spells are inscribed there. They are, briefly: Read more

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