Thursday, December 10, 2015

The 4 Alien Being Types

The Grays are the best-known alien, but not the only alien being types that people have reported, according to H.R. Phillips.
Hello, and welcome back to The Heavy Stuff (THS) - a blog to bookmark if you want speculation into realities greatest mysteries. Today's posting is an offshoot of THS's  post earlier last month - having to do with just how strange the whole `ufo' experience can be to an individual or even a group of individuals. It was in that post that THS speculated that occasionally, and perhaps often,  a  `UFO experience' may involve `different types' of entities.

THS, when mentioning different entity types,  wasn't referring about the internet speculation (with some added  fantasy perhaps) that multiple alien races are here, permenantly,  in Earth's biosphere and are probably interacting with humans (some say dozens of races). No, what THS was and is referring to  is `spaces'* (entities) which do not have an equal `basis' of `common reality' grounding - compared to a human. (Wordy, THS knows, but we will get much more specific in a bit.) Let THS attempt to explain: Read more

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Rick Phillips said...

Wow.. thanks for discovering and covering my blog UDCC... I will discover what you have here too... that said, I want to make clear to your readers that the `types' of aliens has to do with the `type' of phenomenology that they produce.... a broader type of classification that most researchers don't even give a thought to but may be the most important attribute.

I bet you'd like my amazon books too.

Rick Phillips