Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Paranormal "Skeptic" Thinks He Has Debunked Ghost Sightings

There are two major problems with paranormal "skeptics." First, they don't actually know much of anything about the topics they attempt to debunk. This leads to the second problem: they regard themselves as brilliant and knowledgeable, and anyone with opposing views and experiences as a retarded mouth-breather.  (Some also lie outright, but that's more of a personal character flaw.)

Although the average person may not be aware of the points Neel V. Patel brings up, ghost hunters certainly are. They openly discuss them and factor them into their investigations.
The all new reboot of Ghostbusters may have just breathed new life into an old franchise, and that success will probably crossover and generate renewed interest into the old art of ghost hunting. (I say art because it’s certainly not science.) Read more

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