Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why the Apocalyptic and Satanic Imagery for Swiss Tunnel Ceremony?

The apocalyptic and Satanic imagery at the Swiss tunnel ceremony seems wholly out of place in the heart of modern, secular Europe, so what is going on?
It was perhaps the most bizarre and confusing opening ceremony in history. Even Swiss citizens were scratching their heads after enduring what some journalists called an “insane” performance (1).

It was the June 1, 2016 opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel project that was 17 years in the making at a cost £8.5bn. The tunnel is 57km long and cuts through the Swiss Alps connecting Switzerland to Germany. Traveling at 155mph, the trains cut the travel time by an hour. It is a marvelous engineering feat, but the strange ceremony has greatly overshadowed that accomplishment.

The Internet is blazing with accusations that the ceremony was a satanic celebration of creating a passageway for the devil to emerge into the world.

The devil was the prominent figure in the ceremony, based on an old tale about the mountain range and how the villagers outsmarted the devil. BBC explained the ceremony as “celebrating Alpine culture and history”. However, the ceremony showed a freed Satan that conquered the world and this upset many Christians (2). Read more

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