Thursday, August 18, 2016

Was George Pickingill the Father of Modern Witchcraft?

Although he is almost forgotten now, George Pickingill could be considered the Father of Modern Witchcraft.
According to legend, George Pikingill literally died in the shadow of the cross, cursing God and the residents of Canewdon, England, where he was both revered and feared. Since his death in 1909, his stature has only grown; depending on who you believe, he was either an uneducated, but gifted, local cunning man, or he was the father of modern witchcraft.

Pikingill was born sometime around 1816 in the English county of Essex to Susannah Cudner and Charles Pickingill, a blacksmith – which is of no small import given the occult lore surrounding the art of smithing, and original blacksmith Tubal Cain. Some believe he was of Romani stock as well, which would link him to the hereditary mysteries of the gypsies.

What is known for sure is that he married, had four children and worked as a farm laborer in Canewdon most of his life. Everything else is up for debate, including his age. He was purported to be England’s oldest living man until his death, but even this claim is controversial as it appears ol’ George aged himself in census reports to gain early relief from the parish. Read more

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