Saturday, September 3, 2016

5 Common Nightmares and Their Possible Meanings

You have probably had at least one of these common nightmares, if not all of them, but what do they mean?
Dreams are windows into other worlds. Real or imaginary, that depends on how you choose to look at them. But they also seem to tell us things about ourselves that our conscious minds often overlook. Our deepest hopes, our greatest worries.

And our darkest fears.

I’ve had my fair share of nightmares, and I’m sure you have, too. Strangely enough, though, most of them don’t involve anything truly horrific. It’s the mundane stuff. The Every Day. The little things that, when you wake up, you’re glad didn’t actually happen.

Here are a handful of these common nightmares, along with what some believe they reveal about us. Read more

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