Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The CIA Recently Declassified 100,000s of Files About Psychic Abilities and UFOs

The CIA has recently declassified 100,000s of files about psychic abilities and UFOs.
Paranormal research and investigations into UFOs are considered career killers in the academic world. In the field of journalism, mainstream publications rarely explore the topics as anything more than entertaining curios delivered with a chortle and a smile. However, a newly declassified cache of documents released by the CIA confirms the government has been researching — and actually employing — psychics for decades.
The STARGATE program, popularly known as the real-life government research lampooned by the filmThe Men Who Stare At Goats, was among the top-secret programs revealed in a recent CIA document dump that included 930,000 declassified files and 12 million pages. Much of this was previously available to the public only at the National Archives in Maryland. Thanks to freedom of information activist groups like Muckrock, which applied pressure on the CIA for years, these files can now be found in the CIA’s CREST searchable database. Read more

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