Saturday, June 17, 2017

Corey Goode: Whistleblower or Hustler?

Corey Goode is the latest star in the UFO community. His claim to be a secret space program whistleblower is not unique, but he is different because he is turning his account into a major marketing campaign. Does his story stand up to scruntiny?

Andrew Basiago was one of the first "whistleblowers" I heard, though he focuses more on time traveling than space travel. He tells a good story (which I don't believe), but I have listened to several of his interviews. By contrast, Corey Goode was such an obvious liar when I heard him on Fade to Black, that i quit listening after a couple of segments.

Credible researchers, such as Joseph P. Farrell, Richard Dolan, Linda Mouton Howe, and Catherine Austin Fitts, have convinced me that a secret space program exists, but Corey Goode's claims don't pass the smell test. Bill Ryan exposes some of the problems with the Corey Goode secret space program whistle blower story.
Here’s some information. It’s far from complete, but it presents a sample of some of the problems.

(By the way, the last time I conferred with Kerry Cassidy about this, she told me that she fully shares the view that Corey is compromised and is an unreliable witness. Or else, of course, she’d have interviewed him by now.)

Corey first came to our attention as a problem before Christine Anderson’s 2014 interview with him was published. He’d been active behind the scenes (by invitation) in investigating the Jesse Ames affair.

He sent some messages in the middle of the night, that he denied any knowledge of. Our very strong (unproven) suspicion was that he had indeed sent them, but had done so in an altered or split-minded state, and in the morning had no memory of what he’d done, though everything was there on his own computer and that of another person. Read more 
For some reason, the host of Fade to Black Jimmy Church, seems to be trying to shield Corey Goode from any critical analysis of his claims, even going so far as to host a special show about the UFO community being "infiltrated." Although the UFO community may well be infiltrated, that has nothing to do with the questions about Corey Goode's credibility. Calling for "unity in the community" won't make those go away.

The problem with Corey Goode being promoted as a UFO whistleblowe is that he is so easy to debunk that he brings ridicule upon the whole topic of the secret space program. When real whistleblowers and researchers come forward, they will not be able to get any traction outside the inner circle of true believers because of this episode. No matter how much fun Corey Goode's story is, ultimately it discredits and hinders serious UFO research.

If you have been taken in by the Corey Goode marketing campaign, listening to some of the interviews with Bill Ryan and exposés by Dark Journalist should at least give you pause.


Abraham Burke said...

umm hey just want to know if you're wiccan or apart of the craft would loe to hear more on where to find information from actual people

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot and Project Avalon is an actual person. I linked to his article. His colleague Christine Anderson interviewed Goode before he started getting a lot of publicity and found a rather pathetic figure. Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt is also an actual person who has done several podcasts about Goode and his sketchy business partner. I also linked to those in the article.

I am not Wiccan.