Saturday, November 11, 2017

Are Ghosts Real? What Are Soundwaves?

Rae Lipscomb examines a possible explanation for ghostly phenomena.
Are ghosts real? The answer to that all comes down to the individual opinion. Some believe they are and some spend countless nights calling out to the dead into empty, dark rooms of dilapidated hospitals, abandoned jails and houses that hold horrible pasts filled with pain, grief and anger, hoping for an answer from someone in the world beyond. The fear, dread, sadness and anger that is felt as they move throughout these buildings, hoping for a glimpse of something not belonging to this world, is caused by the negative energies that ghosts put out. Other thinks it’s a bunch of hogwash and all supernatural phenomenon can be tied to real world events. These are the type of people to ensure their fellows that the creaking is just the house settling, that that bang could have been anything, from the pipes to some random outside and that if you go into a dark space, expecting to hear voices then you are going to hear voices. Read more

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