Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Love Magnet Spell

When it comes to love magic, it seems that attracting a lover is the most common objective. Attraction spells employ everything from candles to herbs to magnets. Since the function of a magnet is to attract, creating a love magnet is an effective way to attract love. The unique thing about the Love Magnet Spell is that you will not be using a ready-made magnet, but making your own instead.

For this spell, you will need a AA battery. This will become your love magnet. In order to bless your love magnet, you should place your battery underneath your pillow for three consecutive nights, noting any dream you might have, which will later be usefl in providing a clue as to where you might use your love magnet.

On the morning after the third night, hold the battery to your heart and say the following three times:
Magnet of love and true desire,
Set my passions alight with astral fire.
Do not mumble or mutter the words. Speak clearly and enthusiastically.

Now that you have charged the battery with your intent, it should be wrapped in aluminum foil. Your love magnet can then be carried in your purse or pocket and unwrapped surreptiously when you want to unleash its power. Clubs, parties, and other social gatherings are ideal places to attract a roving eye. Re-charge your love magnet after each use, and then re-wrap it in aluminum foil

You probably already have a AA battery and aluminum foil, so this is an easy spell to do without a lot of preparation  It does work, but remember that you have to get out to where it can attract suitable lovers. It won't work from you couch at home. 

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