Thursday, May 17, 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Spells More Powerful

The most important thing that you need to do to make your spells powerful is to follow the spell instructions. If you change the spell, you can't blame the spell if it doesn't work because you didn't actually do the spell. However, for many spells, you can add things that will boost the spell's power without actually changing it. Here are five ways to make your spells more powerful.

1) Get a reading from someone else for a clear and fresh perspective. a common reason for a spell not to work is that the wrong spell was used. a reading can ensure that you understand the situation and what needs to happen to resolve it in your favor.

2) If there are optional or additional items or instructions for the spell, try to include them if you possibly can. Don't try to get away with the minimum.. That approach tends to lead to minimal results.

3) strengthen you link to you target. Use as many of the following as yu have access to: name, date of birth, photograph, hair, fingernails, blood, sexual fluids, clothing, business cards, signatures. (For more details, see my article Using Personal Concerns to Target Your Spell.)

4) Leave an offering to the spirits that are assisting you. Not only is it good manners, but it also encourages them to keep helping. Some spirits, such as St. Expedite, have traditional offering that they require in return for their help. For other spirits, Moloch shares an offering that pleases most spirits.

 5) With candle spells, burn the candle when you are praying and focusing on your objective. If you have to do other things, snuff out the candle and return to it later. Work your candle; don't just let it burn.

Not all of these can be used with every spell, but at least one of them can be used with most spells. Why cast a spell at all if you're not willing to do everything you can to make it successful? These five ways to make your spells more powerful can go a long way toward helping your spellwork achieve the results you desire.

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