Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Spell to Call a Spirit From a Mirror

A lot of people use ouija boards to try to commnicate with spirits. Unless you know what you're doing, however, they often produce random results. If you have an interest in contacting spirits, you can use this simple summoning spell instead.  No magical experience is needed. With the use of the mirror, it's possible that you may even see the spirit who answers your call. The best time to perform this spell is at night during the witching hour, but any time after dark is fine.

You will need the following items:
  • Two white candles
  • Mirror with frame
  • Salt
  • Piece of dark cloth large enough to cover the mirror
  • 3"x3" piece of paper
  • Black pen
  • Matches
You can use a regular mirror, but a black mirror is better for this spell. You probably don't have one, but that's easily fixed. Take a picture frame and slide a piece of black construction paper the size of the glass between the glass and the backing. VoilĂ ! You have a black mirror. It really is that simple.

Set up the candles to the right and left of the mirror. Light the candles and then turn off all other lights in the room. Write the name or type of spirit you want to call on the piece of paper and slip it between the frame and mirror. Sprinkle salt around the mirror.

When you are finished, recite the following incantation (Substitute "we" if there is more than one of you. Insert the spirit's name or type in the blank.):
Spirit __________, course through time,
I am in need of help.
Oh spirit _________, come,
I beckon you.
Share your wisdom.
Come until the morning light.
Wait quietly for about a minute. You can then ask for a sign of the spirit's presence/ If you want, you can ask the spirit questions. You can ask it to repeat the sign it gave for a "yes" answer, or ask it to knock once for no" and twice for "yes."

If things take a frightening turn, quickly throw the dark cloth over the mirror and snuff out the canldes. This probably won't happen, but if it does, that's what to do.

Otherwise, when you are finished, dismiss the spirit with something like the following:

thank you, spirit __________, for your presence.
Go in peace, and may there always be peace between us.

Cover the mirror and snuff out the candles. You can keep the paper if you wish to call that spirit
 again. Otherwise, rip it to pices and throw it away.

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