Thursday, January 21, 2010

Automatic Writing: Communication from the Spirits?

The Haunted Museum explores automatic writing. Is it communication from the spirits? To learn how to do it yourself, read my post Automatic Writing for Divination.
Since the early days of Spiritualism, automatic writing has been accepted as a way for trance mediums, and sometimes ordinary people, to receive communications from the spirit world. Man has always longed to communicate with the spirits and thanks to the founding of the Spiritualist movement, he now had a method of doing so. The original communications, like those of the Fox Sisters in Hydesville, were little more than knocks and raps that spelled out long and elaborate methods. Most became frustrated by such slow methods of communication and began looking for something faster -- and much more direct. Not long after, the art of "automatic writing" was born.

Automatic writing is essentially writing that is done in an altered state of consciousness that is attributed to spirits of the dead. It is believed by some that the spirits literally manipulate the writing utensil in the hands of the medium to communicate, as the writer is often unaware of what is being written and often even scrawls out text in handwriting that is markedly different than his own. Read more

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