Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jersey Devil: Myth or Mutant?

The Jersey Devil has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses in New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years. Could this creature be some type of mutated animal?
Lee Speigel, contributing editor for AOL News, has a piece on the Jersey Devil. With recent research being done on this mythical creature, some professionals claim that what people are seeing could be some type of mutated animal. Deer to be exact.

Archaeologist Paula Perrault has seen alleged Jersey Devil skulls with both straight and curved horns, and says the Pinelands has a history of “genetic malformations, even in mammals, serpents and humans. A lot of the portrayals in any culture seem to define evil as a serpent crossed with something else — it’s never just a serpent.” Read more

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