Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exposed: Anonymous Source for Latest Roswell Theory

Blogger Anthony Braglia has discovered Annie Jacobsen's anonymous source for the latest Roswell theory. His identity does not lend credibility to the story, nor does Annie Jacobsen's prior reporting. I wonder why this story is emerging now so long after the end of the Cold War, and is it by accident or design?
In Annie Jacobsen's new book, "Area 51," she reports than an anonymous source told her that the Roswell Incident was actually perpetrated by the Soviet Union in order to mislead US intelligence. According to Jacobsen, the source told her that deformed children created by Nazi scientist Dr. Joseph Mengele had been used in a craft of unexplained design that had been crashed near the Roswell Army Air Field for reasons that are not clearly explained in the book. Also unexplained is how the Soviets could have penetrated so deeply into American airspace with a small aircraft described. At the time, only the largest long-range bombers had sufficient range.

Ms. Jacobsen based her Roswell story on an "anonymous source," but UFO blogger Anthony Braglia was able to determine who he was and to interview him about why he would want to spread this story. Read more

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