Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does the Florida Skunk Ape Really Exist?

Though it's known that exotic pets, such as vervet monkeys, are running wild in Florida, the existence of the Florida skunk is far from proven. Ron G Anselm discusses the likelihood that it really exists.
Many people probably have never heard of the Florida Skunk Ape. I know just the name itself sounds like the little black and white furry critter with the big, bushy tail that invades your camp site and makes you head for cover so you don`t get sprayed but that is not what the name refers to.

So, if the Florida Skunk Ape is not your everyday skunk you see in the outdoors, then what is it? If anyone has ever heard of Bigfoot and I believe many of us have, then this is the same species. As we all know the myth of Bigfoot has been looming around for many years. There have even been pictures and witnesses sightings of this large manlike ape but most of those sightings over the years have been in the Northwestern United States and the Continent of Canada not in Florida where we picture white sandy beaches and the sight of, well I won`t say it in so many words but you can use your imagination, nice looking girls wearing those skimpy bikinis playing volleyball. Read more

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