Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ask a Wizard: Divination and Why It Works

A real wizard explains what divination is and why it works.
When you next roll a pair of dice, turn a Tarot card, play the lottery or read the I Chiing, consider this: How do you know that the game in question isn’t rigged?

Divination systems work by simply removing the element of the seeker’s consciousness from the equation. We are presented with a randomized collection of symbolic data instead of suppositions, decisions, hopes, fears and other distractions. By eliminating expectation, we awaken the unconscious factors. These will vary based upon the individual, and it is useful to learn about the ancient systems of personality categorization. More modern systems like the DSM-IV-TR and related psychologically-based arrangements are heavily loaded with judgment and bias. The elder arts are human in origin and will have similar faults. Understanding a multitude of these systems is essential to the successful diviner Read more

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