Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aurora, Texas, UFO Crash Mystery

What makes this incident more fascinating is that it occurred before aircraft existed and before science fiction was popular.
On April 17, 1897, a mysterious airship is said to have crashed in the town of Aurora, Texas...exploding into many small fragments. Reportedly, the occupant was child-sized and greenish, and the craft contained papers covered with hieroglyphics. The pilot's body is supposed to be buried in the local cemetery.

Legend has it that residents of Aurora, TX, had their own alien encounter more than 100 years ago. Just north of Fort Worth, Aurora has a population of 376. Something about it is different...mysterious, and some say, down-right weird.

"It's just a legend," said Barbara Brammer, Aurora Historian.

April 19, 1897 would change this town's identity forever. Read more

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