Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Most Mysterious NASA Photos of Possible UFOs

Some "skeptics" say that if UFOs exist, NASA should have photos of them. In fact, they do..
The Ghost Diaries has never claimed that UFOs are necessarily of extraterrestrial origin. In fact, we’ve listed 8 possible explanations of UFOs: clouds (or natural causes), hallucinations, aliens, humans (or AI) from the future, holograms, secret government technology, human/alien cooperative technology, and last but certainly not least, glitches in the matrix.

But to repeat, the term UFO, and claims of UFOs, DOES NOT ever have to specifically refer to aliens. Quite honestly, we think new drone technology is behind many of the contemporary sightings. However, to our knowledge, the human race hasn’t put drones in space yet, which means space UFOs are the most mysterious of them all. The following photos show photos taken by NASA that either can’t be fully explained or have been mysteriously deleted from the database. Ranging from tower-like structures on the moon to a spaceship that seems to be in orbit around the Earth, what follows are the most mysterious NASA photos of possible UFOs: Read more

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