Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mind Really Does Affect Matter: Decades of Research Prove It

Mind really does affect matter, and decades of research prove it.
The Orch-Or model of consciousness isn’t a well-known theory, even in paranormal circles that would benefit from it during debates with skeptics. Yet, as an outlook on the nature of consciousness,Orch-OR may hold more potential for uniting the fields of scientific and paranormal research than any other body of work in existence.

Let’s start by acknowledging that there exists research out there contravening a number of science’s most dearly held truths. The inability of scientists to unite the fields of general relativity and quantum mechanics–as well as the growing mystery as to the nature of dark matter and dark energy–is more than enough reason to take a closer look at some of the unbreakable pillars of science: specifically, the idea that the human mind cannot affect matter without a physical medium—or telekinesis. Ask 99 out of 100 scientists out there whether or not there is evidence that mind affects matter, and 99 times you will be told, “No”.

This is partially the result of esoteric academic circles that only push forward certain kinds of research. To a large extent, parapscyhology and mind anomalies research is not considered a legitimate field; it is considered pseudoscience, right up there with chakras, holistic medicine, and karma. So even if these scientists know—and a great many probably do—about the Orch-Or model of consciousness, and the decades long work of The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program, they simply don’t care to think of it as revolutionary. Read more

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