Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vinegar Jar Break-Up Spell

Vinegar jar spells or souring work are the opposite of honey jar spells or sweetening work. When we use sweetening work, we want to draw someone closer. When we use souring work, we want to separate people. Vinegar jar spells can be used to break up any relationship from love to business.

Although the Vinegar Jar Spell can be performed on any day at any time, you can increase its power by performing it on tuesday (day of Mars) or Saturday (day of Saturn) and/or during a waning moon.

You will need:
  • One glass jar with metal lid
  • Vinegar (white or cider, not balsamic, which is too sweet)
  • Paper
  • Black pen
  • Black candle
First write the name of one of the people in the relationship or partnership three times across. Then turn the paper and write the other name on top of that three times. It will look something like a tic-tac-toe grid. Then turn the paper over and write your petition on the back. It can be a simple, "Break up," or something more sophisticated such as "As this vinegar is sour, your relationship becomes sourer and sourer every day."

After you finish writing the names and your petition, tear the paper in half so that each name is on each side of the paper (but don't tear it apart completely). Next fold each of the parts of paper with the name "back to back." (The names should not touch each other when you fold the paper). Put the paper inside the jar. Fill the jar with vinegar, and then screw the lid on tightly.

Next, shake the jar. While shaking it, repeat the words of your petition over and over and visualize what you want to happen. You can also talk to the targets, telling them that they cannot communicate, that they hate each other, etc.

Take the black candle and anoint it with leftover vinegar. Light the candle, allow a few. drops of wax to drip onto the lid, and then stick the candle onto the lid. When the candle has burned down, dispose of the remains at a crossroads or in running water.

The Vinegar Jar Spell can also be used to get rid of someone in your own life, such as a roommate, neighbor, or co-worker. When you do this, be careful in how you state your petition so that you are not the one who ends up going away. Otherwise, the spell is performed in the same way.

This is the simplest form of the Vinegar Jar Spell. Other ingr,edients can be added, but this simple spell usually works quite well, especially if you begin it on a Tuesday or Saturday and/or during a waning moon.

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Tinha Johansson said...

Hi thank you for great information buy I wonder, what do we do with the jars after mission accomplished? I have one jar for love and my ongoing relationship and one vinegar jar. I guess I keep the love one but the vinegar one I am not sure about.

Shay Ro said...

I was told magic was used to break up my relationship. We have a young baby together and out of no where it's like our relationship was set on fire.

I'm going to work this spell tomorrow. I need my family back!

Caitlin MacKenna said...

If the spell is done, you can dispose of them any way you wish.