Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Special Study on Magic

Michael Edmiston attempts to define magic and how it works. 
Magic is not dead. It never died, it merely slumbers, just beneath the surface of our modern, materialist, techno-industrial globalized culture. Magic has been with us since the beginning. It is practiced in some form by every culture in the world, and has been throughout history. Today, though we in the Western, “developed” world often pride ourselves on our rationality, our objectivity, on our coldly pragmatic calculations of cost and benefit, we still feel the siren song of the irrational, the mystical, the magical, and it lurks within good luck charms, wishes, knocking on wood, the special “aura” of emotionally resonant objects, prayers for divine intervention, “jinxes”, and even within our civilization’s most ubiquitous and practical products. Read more

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