Sunday, August 16, 2009

Psionics Made Easy

Charles Cosimano, aka Uncle Chuckie, explains how to use a flashlight to project the power of your mind.


Anonymous said...

Dear Caitlin,


1. In your "A Sex Spell to Attract a Lover", while performing the spell does facing towards any directions like North, South, etc., etc., mandatory? Taking shower before performing, dressed(Red/Black/White...blah! blah!) or undressed(naked). Any particular time of the day crucial? As waxing moon Friday is a good choice...

2. In today's world it is very had to find out whether someone has any or multiple relations going. Now, if I don't know whether that person has any ongoing relations but I want to fulfill my lust with the person, will the spell work? OR while performing the spell do you have any suggestion to trace out whether it will work on the person or not (any clue/s). OR any other spell to find out whether the person concern is having relation/s with any or other/s

3. How to spell "MOTE"--- Mow-Ti & "YUD-HEY-VAH-HEY"--- Yoodh-Hey-Wahh-Hey?

Pl reply in 1., 2., 3. format

Caitlin MacKenna said...

If anything is mandatory, I include it in the instructions. If the target is in a relationship, the spell probably won't work. If you want to cast a sex spell on someone you know nothing about, that's the risk you take.

Anonymous said...

Thanks or your humble response!!

Well, is the way I broke the pronunciation correct?

Any spell you know for jobs?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

You said "spell," not "pronounce." The words are pronounced according to standard rules of English pronunciation. "V" does not make a "W" sounds.

I haven't posted a jobs spell.