Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Top 10 UFO And Unexplained Phenomena News Stories

Paranormal expert Lee Speigel lists the top ten UFO and unexplained phenomena news stories of 2012.
The world didn't end in 2012, nor did our fascination with UFOs.
Did a UFO hover over the summer Olympic games? Can we believe an ex-CIA agent who claimed that extraterrestrials caused the 1947 Roswell incident? Will DNA tests prove the existence of Bigfoot?

Those questions were at the heart of 2012's list of the top 10 UFO and unexplained phenomena news stories. Scroll through the list to see them all.

One hint about our number one story of the year: it had nothing to do with UFOs, but captured the attention of people all over the world. Read more

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Was A 5,000 Year Old Vimana Unearthed in Afghanistan?

Military scientists allege something powerful and mysterious was found in a cave in Afghanistan. Some say it is the first discovery of a Vimana, an ancient flying machine that may be extraterrestrial.
The idea of ancient aliens, ancient UFOs, and ancient astronauts have often skirted around depictions of Vimanas, elaborate dirigibles from India that supposedly predated modern technology. In the Sanskrit texts “Vimanas” refer to religious temples.

Interpretations of what these temples actually were run the gamut from interstellar spaceships to early prototypes of airplanes. Some scholars maintain these images and stories of space battles simply attest to the powers of the imagination (and even science fiction) thriving early on in human history. Other scholars say that these Sanskrit texts and other early historical documents suggest the Vimanas were either alien spaceships or aircrafts built by humans based on directives from alien ‘gods’. Read more

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prophetic Profits: Making Money off Doomsday Dread.

Bruce Maiman discusses how dire prophecies help some people make money off doomsday dread.
There's an old riddle: What is always coming but never arrives? Tomorrow, because when tomorrow comes it will be today.

That works for predictions about the end of the world, too, yet apocalyptic prophets are convinced the year 2012 marks our global demise when the Mayan "Long Count" calendar – 5,125 years long – expires Thursday at midnight. On the 21st, the winter solstice, the calendar starts over. Twelve percent of Americans believe that's when the world will end, according to a recent Reuters survey. More benignly, some think we'll enter some sort of "new era." The rest of us will wait until New Year's Day to "start over."

Today's vision of Armageddon takes many forms: natural disasters, economic collapse, power grid failure, religious conviction, cosmic phenomena, nuclear war, terrorist attack, viral infection, alien invasion, government takeover, FEMA camps and, of course, zombies. Read more

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ABC Reporter Almost Had Interview with Ghost

ABC reporter Vanessa Bolano almost had an interview with a ghost while doing a story about haunted locations at the Myrtles Plantation.
Vanessa Bolano, a reporter for ABC news affiliate WGNO, was doing a segment about haunted locations at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, when something strange appeared onscreen with her.

"So we went to St. Francisville and visited the Myrtles Plantation, and while I'm back at the station reviewing our video, I noticed we may have captured one of the Myrtle's supernatural residents fly through my stand-up. Take a look." Read more