Monday, March 26, 2012

Was There a Second Roswell?

Ray Grasse uncovers a new eyewitness account of a crashed vehicle and dead bodies near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, but it's not the same one as we've all heard about before.
…and we looked down and saw these things and I said to myself — it just didn’t register to me. And then all of the sudden I realized what we had seen and I just couldn’t believe it, you know, like it was not happening. And yet it was happening, like it was a dream.” - Irwin Fortman
It’s probably the most discussed UFO event of our time, and has been a source of ongoing controversy even amongst UFO researchers through the years. But is it possible the now-famous incident at the Roswell Air Force Base in July of 1947, where witnesses claimed to have encountered the wreckage of one or more crashed UFO's in the New Mexico desert, was followed just a few months later by a similar incident? As unlikely as that might seem, I’d simply invite the reader to consider the following facts before making up their mind. Read more

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions

Danny Gallagher lists six famous alien abductions, but he leaves out the most famous:  the 1985 alien abduction of Whitley Strieber.
Some say alien abductions are nothing more than fevered, unexplained night visions that make their victims believe they were the guinea pig of an interstellar joyride.

Others believe the stories as cold hard fact, that aliens are using humans to unlock all of the mysteries of the universe, which may or may not have something to do with an ultrasound probe in an uncomfortable place.

Either way, it seems that this strange phenomenon is forever ingrained in our culture. Some of the most infamous cases of UFO abductions have spawned books, films and even serious historical recognition. So since today is “Alien Abduction Day,” we look back at some of those cases that made us scratch our heads as we looked up at the stars. Read more

Friday, March 16, 2012

Buried UFO? Big Metal Object Found In Austria

Is the metallic object found in a hole by Austrian farmer Franz Knoglinger a buried UFO?
An Austrian farmer looking for his lost cat stumbled upon a hole that he thinks might contain the greatest UFO find of all time.

Franz Knoglinger, 47, found the 25-foot-deep, perfectly round hole in northwestern Austrian field while searching for his misplaced kitty Sunday night. He pulled out every investigative trick in the book to learn what was at the bottom.

Throw a rock down the hole? Check.

"I was looking for our family cat Murlimann when I noticed the hole -- I didn't know how deep it was then so I dropped the stone down there, and heard a metallic clunk," he told the Austrian Times. Read more

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

UFO Caught on Tape over Santiago Air Base

A UFO was filmed over z Santiago air force base tailing fighter jets.
Is this the case UFO skeptics have been dreading?

Sightings of mysterious flying craft with capabilities unknown on Earth have confounded mankind throughout recorded history. Most have been convincingly explained away as unfamiliar aircraft, natural phenomena or illusions. But then there are the others, witnessed in our time by pilots and air traffic controllers, military leaders, scientists, law enforcement officers and other trained observers, sometimes with physical evidence, including corroboration on film and video. Read more

Monday, March 12, 2012

Physician Encounters Spirit Communication, Becomes a Medium

Skeptico Host Alex Taskiris interviews Dr. Ian Rubenstein, a physician whose encounter with spirit communication led to him becoming a medium.
Interview with London physician Dr. Ian Rubenstein reveals how one doctor’s encounter with psychic phenomena led to Spiritualist Church mediumship.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Dr. Ian Rubenstein author of, CONSULTING SPIRIT: A Doctor’s Experience with Practical Mediumship. During the interview Rubenstein discusses how he struggled to understand his psychic abilities: Read more

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hawking Is Spreading Disinformation Says Former Canadian Minister of Defense

A former Canadian Minister of Defense says that the U.S. government has been hiding evidence of extraterrestirals for a very long time, and Stephen Hawking is spreading disinformation about extraterrestrial life.
Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense is an outspoken man who has no doubts UFOs are real alien spaceship.

Over the years he has made a number of public interviews and expressed his concern about a future intergalactic war.

Hellyer has also shown his disappointment in Stephen Hawking who according to Hellyer is spreading disinformation about extraterrestrial life.

In an interview on MSNBC, Paul Hellyer stated the U.S. Government has been hiding evidence of extraterrestrials for a very long time. He also said that we might be on the verge of an intergalactic war.

Hellyer fears that if the U.S. military builds a base on the Moon, they will be able to better observe alien spaceships and shoot at them whenever they decide.

Hellyer also points out that there is no evidence to assume that aliens are hostile. Read more

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chupacabras Blamed for Sheep Deaths in Mexico

A chupacabras with fangs, claws, and wings is being blamed for 35 sheep deaths in Paracuaro, Mexico. 
Did a legendary chupacabras kill 35 sheep in the Mexican town of Paracuaro? That's what local citizens want to know as they ponder the mysterious deaths of their farm animals.

According to the UFO Chronicles website, the Mexican state Michoacan's Diario ABC reported that the unfortunate sheep were slain in the wee hours of March 1 with their bodies displaying claw and tooth injuries, especially under the neck.

One man who was looking after the sheep in their pens said he saw the creature responsible for the attacks. He reportedly said it had fangs, claws and wings. Read more

Monday, March 5, 2012

Does the Spear of Destiny Actually Exist?

The Spear of Destiny (also known as the Holy Lance, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Longinus or Spear of Christ) is the name given to the spear that pierced Jesus' side as he hung on the cross in John's account of the Crucifixion. Does the Spear of Destiny actually exist? Keith Veronese discusses the history of the legend.
A spear with a mystical background gives the one wielding it powers to bend the destiny of the world to his or her will. It sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but truth is far more bizarre in this case, as the legend of the Spear of Destiny contains a poison pill clause — once the spear leaves the possession of a ruler, the individual dies within a matter of days.

Kings and dictators sought out a legendary spear that pierced the heart of Jesus of Nazareth, deemed the Spear of Destiny, with several different artifacts laying claim to the name over the centuries. Are any of the relics real? Is there any hope that the authentic Spear of Destiny is floating around somewhere? Read more

Friday, March 2, 2012

Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel is a natural ability that develops as we become more present in our daily lives. Gigi shares two techniques and a mantra that can help condition your consciousness to have astral adventures.