Saturday, September 30, 2017

How to Materialize Physical Objects

Materialization of physical objects is one of the legendary powers of witches and sorcerers, but is it actually possible? If you want to try to learn how, here is a seven-step method:

As light beings we have the ability to manifest physical forms of matter. The way this is done is by projecting an electromagnetic field of energy with the source code of creation into a holographic image of an object that we desire. This is done by projecting light particles from the kundalini energy at the base of the spine into the sixth chakra and projecting the kundalini’s electromagnetic field of manifestation to a point just in front of us. This is known as quantum mechanics and is the natural law of quantum physics in the universe known as the Light Encoded Reality Matrix or LERM. The way that we do this is by projecting an holographic image of an object into a quantum electromagnetic field and surrounding the holographic object with the quantum field and blending it with the holographic object creating a quantum object of physical matter. Read more

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Black Demon Seen Again in Chicago's Little Village

Chicago is getting spooky. Lon Strickler shares an account of a black demon seen in Chicago's Little Village.
The following report was submitted to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse on Thursday September 21, 2017:

On September 09, 2017 at about 10:30 pm, I was standing outside with some friends, grilling carnitas, drinking beer and listening to some music. We were on S. Harding Ave., just past W. 25th St. in La Villita (the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago). We were talking when we heard a very loud sound, like a scream that was loud enough that the entire neighborhood must have heard it. Read more

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Witch Bypasses Medicaid and Treats Illnesses With Demon Aid

A witch in New Orleans bypasses Medicaid and treats illnesses with the aid of demons.
Health insurance continues to be a hot topic in the U.S. and the pain and suffering the discussion has been causing for years seems to itself be a pre-existing condition. As a result, one woman in Louisiana is offering a New Orleans-style type of treatment by calling upon Satan to treat and cure human ailments. Will Affordable Care and Medicare be replaced by Devil Care? Read more

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Beware the Wendigo: A Terrifying Beast With an Insatiable Hunger to Devour Mankind

As if Bigfoot weren't bad enough, the Wendigo is another creature roaming our forests.
The Wendigo (spelt also as Windigo and Windego) (the plural form being Wendigoag) is a creature that can be found in the legends of the Native Americans, most notably amongst the Algonquian peoples. These peoples are some of the most extensive and numerous of the Native American groups in North America, and they once lived all along the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes Region. However, Wendigo-like creatures are also found in the legends of other Native American tribes, including the neighbors of the Algonquians, the Iroquois. Amongst these peoples, a creature known as the Stonecoat bears some similarities to the Wendigo. Read more

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mysterious People Who Emerged From Accidents With Amazing Powers

 Brent Swancer shares the stories of people who emerged from accidents with amazing powers.
Since time unremembered there have been those among us who have stepped forth with skills, abilities, genius, perceptions, and attributes far beyond the norm. In many cases these have stemmed from some sort of genetic predestination, or even defect, leaving the bearer of these powers with significant shortages in other areas. Yet many are not born into these powers, but rather have them thrust upon them. Just like any super hero origin story there are those nondescript Read more

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Levitation Technique

If you have ever dreamed of levitating, Adammitchem reveals the technique that has gotten him a few feet off the ground.
OK, I don't know if this works for everyone, but it got me a few feet off the ground in consciousness and even higher in sub-conscious, (I was asleep). Well, here’s my technique, or method or whatever you want to call it. If it don't work for you, then call it a piece of crap that don't work; I really don't care if you do it works for me.

So anyway... Read more

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Craft Voodoo Dolls of Congress, Media

Hillary Clinton reveals her fascination with the occult yet again
Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton flirted with the idea of making voodoo dolls of certain members of Congress and the media in response to her email server scandal, according to her new book. Read more

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Teleportation Techniques

Teleportation would be a much more efficient and convenient way to travel than driving or flying. These techniques may help make it a reality for you.
Teleportation provides a solution for many of our transport and storage woes. By definition it is the instantaneous or near instantaneous transmission of energy from one set of space-time coordinates to another. Time travel involves a similar process except that you travel to a different time coordinate as well as, or instead of, different spatial coordinates. It is very possible to create or increase your reality depth in another location or dimension so that this can rival or exceed the experiential lucidity of your physical reality. Remember that everything starts with your imagination, intention, and creative willpower.

There are several techniques for teleportation including focussed meditation, lucid dreaming, spiritual journeying, astral projection, and bilocation. These methods often require significant time and effort before tangible results arise and don't require long development timescales and expensive technology. Many are internal methods and depend on internal spiritual and esoteric cultivation. There are also external technologies for teleportation like those seen in Star Trek and Doctor Who, which by the way really do exist. Read more

Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Photos Shed New Light on Area 51

Area 51 may or may not be what some conspiracy theorists claim it is, but it is something. New photos may help shed more light on just what.
What going on these days at Area 51, the ‘top secret’ Air Force base in Nevada protected by agents authorized to use “deadly force” to protect the property and the secrets it holds? If you’re tired of the same old satellite photos and don’t want to risk your own life peering through the fence with your phone on a really long selfie stick, you’re resigned to waiting for someone crazy enough to figure other ways to get a look inside. A couple of UFO seekers who call themselves the UFO Seekers did just that recently by climbing a peak for a peek. Piqued? Read more

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sex Witch Casts Orgasm Spells for Couples

Former stripper Shaney Marie has become a sex witch and helps counsel couples. She even boosts their orgasms with spells.
A former stripper turned professional 'sex witch' now makes a living teaching people about pagan eroticism - including how spells can boost orgasms.

Shaney Marie, 31, became interested in witchcraft after working as an exotic dancer and deciding her male clients needed deeper sexual connections.

The self-proclaimed 'priestess' now teaches magic sexuality to couples and singletons across Australia and plans to take her booming business to Europe. Read more

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Money Magic Ebook Has Been Published!

After love magic, money magic is the most often worked. Everybody needs money. Even the “spiritual” types who claim to be above mundane matters can't sponge off their friends and relatives forever. Some of these same spiritual types claim that working magic for financial gain is wrong or “low magic.” That only makes sense if you believe that you should never do anything to support yourself or pay your own way in the world. Magic is simply another way to attract the money everybody needs to survive and thrive.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

UFO Hunter Finds Mining Complex on Moon

 UFO hunter Mark Sawalha says he has found a mining complex on the moon.
A UFO hunter who scours images of space looking for evidence of aliens says he has found a "pyramid-like structure" on the surface of the moon.

So-called UFO anomaly hunter Mark Sawalha says he found the pyramid on a NASA image taken close to the Eudoxus Crater.  Read more